2015 Fitness Trends from Well + Good

by Team Athleta 4

Our friends over at Well + Good know that making a New Year’s Resolutions stick is more about adopting new habits and trying new things than swearing off all of your bad habits. Making positive changes in your life isn’t going to magically happen overnight, and ...

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Why We Don’t Count Calories

by barre3 1

Have you been counting calories in an effort to lose weight? One of the first things you’ll notice about the barre3 Nutrition Philosophy is that we don’t count calories. Here’s why: First off, losing weight and being healthy is more than a matter of calories in, ...

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Do a Daily Tech Detox

by Well+Good 0

Make this your Healthiest Year Ever with this month’s tip from Ethan Nichtern, Buddhist teacher, author, and The Interdependence Project founder. At the start of the year, Nichtern, who’s the founder of the Interdependence Project, a secular Buddhist center, issued a “responsible Econsumption” challenge: Power down for a ...

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Go With Your Gut

by Gen Matchette 0

Last year, I had the privilege of giving not one, but two speeches about my experience with breast cancer. The first was for local dignitaries near the base where my husband was stationed. I was the keynote speaker for the base’s Triple Ribbon Month (Drug, Domestic ...

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Difference Maker: Meet Rachel Nicks

by Team Athleta 0

Rachel Nicks, a Julliard alumna, pursued acting to learn about different cultures and people through the characters. “I wanted to do something that made a difference. With acting, you tell a story and hope the story affects change and educates the audience in a new way.” ...

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