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    Meet Laura, Athleta PR & Partnerships Manager

    Laura doesn’t just work at Athleta, she lives and breathes the mission as a PR and Partnerships Manager and instructor at our in-office Fit Studio. She says she loves everything about working at Athleta, especially that “the work that we do is so inspiring and purposeful, that after a long day, I walk out of…

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    How I Got Back on the Spring Wagon

    It’s true. I fell off the wagon. With as much as I know about staying well and living to support my well-being, I did it. I fell off the spring wagon as the winter in New York wore on and on – and despite the fact it was officially spring. Instead of eating lighter, I…

  • Rein in the Year of the Horse
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    Year of the Horse Energy: 5 Tips to Rein It In

    2014 is the Year of the Horse in Chinese Astrology, which sounds like fun, right? Beware, because Year of the Horse energy has the tendency to take you galloping frantically in all directions. Combined with springtime energy, when all of nature is budding with new life, these two energies can make you feel out of…

  • How Busy Women Make Their Workouts Happen
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    How Busy Women Make Their Workouts Happen

    Whether you’re obsessed with CrossFit WODs, cardio dance, or spinning classes (or anything else)–you’ve got to leave your desk, laptop, and piles of work and responsibilities to get your workouts. And not all of us have the muscle. It turns out that virtually no one, except the Olympic athletes who just wrapped up in Sochi,…

  • Gabrielle Bernstein - Forgive Yourself Daily
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    Forgive Yourself Daily

    Make this your Healthiest Year Ever with the help of spiritual guru, best-selling author, and Kundalini teacher, Gabrielle Bernstein… Of the millions of thoughts running through our minds at any given moment, many of them are the opposite of loving, points out Bernstein, who’s spoken and written about self-love in her three best-selling books. Let’s…

  • Marie Forleo - Start Before Your're Ready
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    Start Before You’re Ready

    Make this your Healthiest Year Ever with the help of renowned business and life coach Marie Forleo… “There’s a secret you need to know: the world’s happiest and healthiest women never ‘feel ready’ to make a bold move—they just go,” Forleo says. And she should know, she’s helped launch the careers of thousands of women…

  • 10 Signs You’re a Runner (aka. Awesome) by Jacqueline Judge
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    8 Ways You Rob Yourself of Energy Every Day

    Are midday yawns a part of your day? Do you need a caffeinated beverage (or two) to get you through your day?  One of the most popular goals people cite for lifestyle change is more energy!  Most of us go through too many days burned out, unable to get through without some sort of artificial…

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    Shop Like Your Personal Trainer is Your Cashier

    Prepare for health success with the proper grocery shopping techniques. In order to eat clean, you need to shop clean. If you don’t stock up on the proper nutritious foods, then it will be impossible to maintain a healthy lean diet. Before you head to the store, plan out all of your meals for the…

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    Super Fit Mom

    Excusing the well-meaning motivation. Super Fit mom, Maria Kang, seemed to stir up quite a hornet’s nest when she posted a pic of herself in a sports bra and micro shorts, posing with her three young sons, ages (3, 2, and 8 months) and the line “What’s Your Excuse?” The picture was meant to be…

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