Cheers to Our 2013 Athletes!

Over the years we’ve been honored to share the stories of remarkable women with you, and 2013 was no different. From a world record and triumph over a personal goal, to experiencing a goal slip through your fingers; these women have shared victory, heartbreak and, of course, great workouts. Here’s a look back at the […]

Introducing Our 2013 Athletes

Each year, as we inspire ourselves to set intentions, we also think about what inspires others. That’s why we select a team of sponsored athletes who inspire us by embodying the Power to the She state of mind, both through their athletic accomplishments as well as the vibrant, impassioned lives they lead. Connect with these […]

Athleta Sponsors 2012 USA Women’s Water Polo Team

Athleta is committed to celebrating women and their amazing capacity, so we’re thrilled to announce our sponsorship of the 2012 USA Women’s Water Polo Team, a group of 17 exceptional women who, collectively, have 12 Olympic medals, 16 World Championship titles and 85 years of water polo experience. Their athletic accomplishments are beyond impressive, but […]

Meet Our TWENTY 2012 Sponsored Athletes

Each year we celebrate the powerful life force and athletic accomplishments of a select group of ten women. This year, we were so awed by our sponsorship applicants and how they embody the very essence of Power to the She, we just had to go bigger. We’re excited to unveil our TWENTY 2012 Sponsored Athletes, […]

Honoring Our 2011 Athletes

As another year sprints toward the finish line and we gear up to announce the 2012 sponsored athletes in mid-January, we had to hit the brakes and pause for a tribute to our 2011 sponsored athletes… Amy Becker Williams, Beth Risdon, Harriet Anderson, Jessica Bellofatto, Kristen Ulmer, Melissa Bowman Li, Michelle Sommers, Okiima Pickett, Tina […]

Our 2011 Athletes: Inspiration x 10

To help realize our goal of connecting you to the energy of inspiration, each year Athleta sponsors a group of exceptional women athletes who share their insight, experience, and expert advice here on our blog. We’ve been fortunate to connect with AMAZING women over the years, and 2011 is no exception…

Introducing Our 2010 Featured Athletes

They’re yoginis and runners, skiers, triathletes, surfers, cyclists, and the list goes on. They’re moms, wives, friends, daughters, and professionals. They’re women who approach each day intending to stay balanced and strengthen their body, mind, and spirit for sport and the sport of life. Sound like someone you know? Most likely…

Saluting Our 2009 Featured Athletes

With 2009 fading into the distance and 2010 off to a running start, we’d like to thank the athletes we featured throughout the year and recap some of their inspiring accomplishments…

Saluting Our 2008 Featured Athletes

Each year Athleta sponsors a team of women representing a range of sport and fitness activities. With 2009 underway, we’re updating the Featured Athletes section to introduce our 2009 athletes, but would like to take a moment to acknowledge and thank the AMAZING women who represented Athleta in 2008…