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    Meet the Adventurer: Sarah Villafranco

    Each week this month, we’re featuring one extraordinary woman who motivates her community as she lives out her life adventures. We recently caught up with Sarah Villafranco, owner of Osmia Organics, about the dream she’s pursued and the people who’ve encouraged her along the way. Q: What sparked the idea for Osmia, your organic cosmetic…

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    We live for the outdoors. As the days get longer, we’re watching the tide and gearing up for our favorite sun-filled sports. That’s why we designed the Pacifica Collection. Made from UPF 50+ performance fabric, it’s eminently versatile for every sport under the sun. Plus, we gave it all the details you need: raglan sleeves…

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    The Birth of a Big Event in a Wee Known Country

    I kinda figured from past experience that this post-big trip post would be about some personal epiphany or novel experience that went down during my recent trip to Bhutan. But because I spent most of my six weeks there this time around focused and working on birthing a new event, I’m coming off this journey…

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    Pacing, Patience, and Boiling Water for Karma

    I took off from my rustic apartment pre-dawn and headed straight up. Starting at about 8,000 feet and increasing altitude with each step, I methodically ascended a wall of the Thimphu Valley in Bhutan, while continuing to check in with the correct pace for this challenging 2.5-hour run. From years of experience, pacing on the…

  • Terri Schneider - On the Move Back to Bhutan
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    On the Move Back to Bhutan

    At 4:15 am in Dubai I had been awake for a while when the first call to prayer from the nearby mosque reverberated in my hotel room. Familiar, I recalled this powerful ritual from my travels in Morocco and Egypt, while pondering that the following day the Buddhist chanting and drumming in Kathmandu would be…

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    Running the “Toughest Marathon in the World” at Age 14

    “You’re too young.” “You can’t run our marathon, but you can run our 5K.” “Wait until you get older.” “You must be 18 years old.” “NO!” Over and over, these are the responses that I got when I was seeking a marathon in South America as part of my World Marathon Tour for Prostate Cancer Awareness. My…

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    The Gift of Wild Places

    Giddy. Sitting in the parking lot of the Merced Amtrak Station waiting for my friend Greg’s train to arrive from San Francisco, it felt like Christmas morning. Glee. As if it were my first time. In anticipation of this trip, I watched yet another documentary of Yosemite. The first love of my youth. My second…

  • Tamara Jacobi
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    Downward Dog Anyone? Yoga in the Jungle!

    Downward dog anyone? Let’s get our yoga on! Here at the Tailwind Jungle Lodge, Athleta girl Carri Uranga is hosting her first yoga teacher training with co-leader Sarah Walsh. This pair is truly a yoga dream team! Ready for a dose of jungle yoga inspiration? Yoga Wisdom from the Jungle Dog In Carri’s yoga classes…

  • Jill and Houdini Featured
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    Facing Fear

    The perspex cylinder cage was suspended above the pool by three thick metal chains. Goggles in hand, I climbed down the shiny silver ladder and planted my feet at the bottom of the cage, where it skimmed the top of the water. Only five feet away was a monster of a saltwater crocodile, eyeing me….

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