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Adventure & Travel

Behind The Scenes in Scotland and the UK: Winter 2017

Rolling hills, blue (and grey) skies, furry cows, cobblestone streets, a little rain, and interesting architecture. Those are just a couple of words we would use to describe our time in the U.K. during our Winter 2017 photo shoot. We’re #gratefulfor our time spent…

November 26, 2017
Adventure & Travel

A Memorable Giving of Thanks

I’m not a big worshiper of a particular holiday, but I do enjoy reasons to gather with loved ones to give thanks and show appreciation for our amazing lives (and the mashed potatoes are pretty good too). So at a recent pre-holiday potluck we…

November 21, 2013
Terri Schneider - On the Move Back to Bhutan
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On the Move Back to Bhutan

At 4:15 am in Dubai I had been awake for a while when the first call to prayer from the nearby mosque reverberated in my hotel room. Familiar, I recalled this powerful ritual from my travels in Morocco and Egypt, while pondering that the…

July 19, 2013
Jill and Houdini Featured
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Facing Fear

The perspex cylinder cage was suspended above the pool by three thick metal chains. Goggles in hand, I climbed down the shiny silver ladder and planted my feet at the bottom of the cage, where it skimmed the top of the water. Only five…

October 24, 2012
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The Magic of Bali

This entry dedicated to women everywhere who push the envelope and assert their worth in the marketplace, on the sports courts and off. May you continue to rise above, protect yours, and amaze the world. I was neck deep in contract negotiations. My time…

March 5, 2012