The Power of Your Inner Voice

Two weeks ago I had surgery on my hip to address an injury that I have had since July. I had been looking so forward to finally getting it done and being able to get on with things that I think I forgot to consider one small thing—REHAB. It’s been a while since I’ve had […]

Healing Journey

Even though December just started, I’m beginning to feel it is going to be gone in the blink of an eye and before I know it, it will be time to embark on a new year setting new objectives in motion. For me, my 2012 goal is to make the U.S. adaptive rowing team and […]

Camp Discovery

When I sustained a spinal cord injury in 2000, I spent just over three months in a rehabilitation hospital. Over the time I was there, I made friends with the other inpatients as we were all going through a difficult time together. While there we learned a whole list of lessons, including how to transfer […]

A New Adventure Begins

My time in Princeton, New Jersey has come to an end. I was here to train and prepare my boat for the World Championship Trials, which took place at Mercer Lake. I feel very fortunate to be having the opportunity that has been presented to me since I was invited earlier this year to be […]

Row, Row, Row Your Boat!

What started out as injury rehab has turned into so much more! Last October, when I pulled into transition at the Hawaii Ironman after riding 112 on my handcycle, my shoulder was on fire. No telling how many rotations it had made over the previous nine and a half hours, but suffice it to say, […]

Reaching Your Finish Line

The other day I shared my motivational speaking program, Reaching Your Finish Lines, with a group in Denver. In my hour keynote, I share with the audience my life as an athlete, subsequent accident, recovery and return to sports as a wheelchair athlete, competing in national and international competitions and completing two Iron distance triathlons. […]

Yoga Without Boundaries

When I was younger I was so full of energy. I couldn’t stand to sit and watch TV, and whenever I could, I was out in the yard doing gymnastics, roller skating or having running races with the neighborhood boys. I was extremely physical and competitive and didn’t like having to slow down. As a […]

Get in the Game

by Trish Downing, Featured Athlete | Imagine a moment so dramatic that it could define you for the rest of your days. That it could change what you do, how you do it and call into question every dream you’ve ever dared to chase. What happens when you arrive back at square one? For me, that day was September 17, 2000…