Author: Terri Schneider

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    A Memorable Giving of Thanks

    I’m not a big worshiper of a particular holiday, but I do enjoy reasons to gather with loved ones to give thanks and show appreciation for our amazing lives (and the mashed potatoes are pretty good too). So at a recent pre-holiday potluck we reflected on memorable Thanksgivings, and I was reminded of a doozy….

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    Expanding our Internal Rhythm Through Yoga

    Since I was a kid I’ve been drawn to the intimate personal connection we can generate through movement. This internal, familiar, yet subconscious rhythm is part of what gets us up in the morning for that early morning run, a paddle on calm seas, or a pedal through the woods on our mountain bike. We…

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    The Birth of a Big Event in a Wee Known Country

    I kinda figured from past experience that this post-big trip post would be about some personal epiphany or novel experience that went down during my recent trip to Bhutan. But because I spent most of my six weeks there this time around focused and working on birthing a new event, I’m coming off this journey…

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    Pacing, Patience, and Boiling Water for Karma

    I took off from my rustic apartment pre-dawn and headed straight up. Starting at about 8,000 feet and increasing altitude with each step, I methodically ascended a wall of the Thimphu Valley in Bhutan, while continuing to check in with the correct pace for this challenging 2.5-hour run. From years of experience, pacing on the…

  • Terri Schneider - On the Move Back to Bhutan
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    On the Move Back to Bhutan

    At 4:15 am in Dubai I had been awake for a while when the first call to prayer from the nearby mosque reverberated in my hotel room. Familiar, I recalled this powerful ritual from my travels in Morocco and Egypt, while pondering that the following day the Buddhist chanting and drumming in Kathmandu would be…

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    The Gift of Wild Places

    Giddy. Sitting in the parking lot of the Merced Amtrak Station waiting for my friend Greg’s train to arrive from San Francisco, it felt like Christmas morning. Glee. As if it were my first time. In anticipation of this trip, I watched yet another documentary of Yosemite. The first love of my youth. My second…

  • Terri Schneider - My Vegan Experiment
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    My Vegan Experiment

    Calling all vegan or vegan curious! If you are vegan, I’d love to hear from you. Tell me why a plant based diet works for you. If you are vegan curious, or over 50 like me, I think you’ll be interested in my vegan experiment. Before I share what I’m up to nutritionally I’ll give…

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    We Are What We Think: Part 3

    The Big Scary Test In my last post, Part 2, we were left working with word imagery while prepping to head to Kona for the big scary test at the Ironman World Championship. Check list en route to Kona: Word cues and affirmations solidly in place? Check. Fit as I can be given minimal land…

  • Terri Schneider - We Are What We Think Part 2
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    We Are What We Think: Part 2

    In my last post, I touched on the ‘whys’ and ‘whats’ of mental training as we started thinking about what our internal brain feed looks like when we train. In this post, I’ll offer you a few tools to develop your own mental training process—wrapped into a real life story. I’ve had quite a few…

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