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    I Bought My Guy Yoga Shorts

    Yes, I bought him yoga shorts. I was feeling brave. I bought my guy a pair of yoga shorts for his birthday. As he unwrapped his gift I was afraid to watch the expression on his face. For us as a couple, this simple gift had the potential to open a new chapter of our…

  • Tamara Jacobi - Nourishing Your Athletic Body
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    Nourishing Your Athletic Body

    Is a bikini body a healthy body? As I sit on the beach a couple of women wander by in their bikinis. Their bodies look strong, athletic and… healthy? I stumble on this word and suddenly find myself reflecting on the evolution of my bikini body and my experiences as an athlete. I land on…

  • Tamara Jacobi
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    Downward Dog Anyone? Yoga in the Jungle!

    Downward dog anyone? Let’s get our yoga on! Here at the Tailwind Jungle Lodge, Athleta girl Carri Uranga is hosting her first yoga teacher training with co-leader Sarah Walsh. This pair is truly a yoga dream team! Ready for a dose of jungle yoga inspiration? Yoga Wisdom from the Jungle Dog In Carri’s yoga classes…

  • Tamara Jacobi SUP Featured
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    SUP: A Gateway to Balance

    Life has a way of knocking me off balance on a regular basis. With the blink of an eye, things start spiraling out of control. A few short years ago, I might have reached for the cookie jar (not an effective or healthy solution). Today, I load up my stand up paddleboard and head to…

  • Healthy Holidaze
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    Healthy Holidaze: 5 Simple Tips

    Wouldn’t it be nice to start 2012 feeling great?  The holidays are a time for friends, family, food and fun.  Of course, we love all these things, but sometimes the things we love are also what drive us crazy! The holiday parties, social obligations and endless parade of irresistible goodies that the holidays bring leave…

  • Tamara Jacobi Sand Skiing
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    Sand Skiing = Inspiration = Health!

    At what time in your life did you feel best? This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I’ve had some pretty drastic highs and lows in my life, and as I reflect on these cycles I noticed a trend… inspiration.   The times in my life when I’ve been healthiest are generally the…

  • Nourish Yourself Completely
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    Nourish Yourself Completely

    What nourishes you? Clearly, it’s important that we look to food for adequate nutrients, minerals, carbs, proteins, fats, etc. These are the essential pieces that make the body function. But do these pieces equate to complete nourishment? I personally have struggled with this question, and I believe that many women can relate. Food is actually…

  • No Stresspassing: Hammock Zone

    by Tamara Jacobi, Eco-Adventurer | The sign on the front of the hammock shop says “No Stresspassing, Hammock Zone.” I’m immediately sold. Minutes later I walk out of the store with three beautiful new, handmade, brightly colored, Mexican hammocks, all of them destined to be strung up between palm trees at my jungle lodge…

  • A Delicate Balance

    by Tamara Jacobi, Eco-Adventurer | What does balance mean to you? For some, it means getting just the right amount of sleep, food and exercise. For others, it’s little things; treating yourself to a square of dark chocolate or a day at the spa…

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