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Stand Up Paddle

SUP into the New Year

by Suzie Cooney, Featured Athlete | Aloha Athleta Chi readers returning and new. If you’ve followed me this year, you’ve noticed that yes, I am a huge fan and contributor to the sport of stand up paddling (SUP). Approaching the New Year, I know…

December 16, 2010
Healthy Inspiration

A Whole Person

by Suzie Cooney, Featured Athlete | When you look in the mirror what do you see? Remember the mirrors at the fun house when you were a kid? You laughed and giggled when you saw your body as short or wide…

November 9, 2010
Ball Bridging Progression
DIY Workouts

A Total Body Workout for Everyone

Whether you’re an advanced athlete or re-entering fitness, enjoying your workout is important. We can all agree that working out has to be fun. Let’s face it, if it’s not fun, it’s not going to happen! I’ve designed a simple workout for you to…

October 8, 2010
Stand Up Paddle

Stand Up and “Sweep” Your Way to Better Health

People all across the world are “sweeping” their way to better health and having more fun than they ever imagined. “Sweeping” is a slang term used to describe the sport that is going viral faster than any social networking media and changing the world…

August 20, 2010
DIY Workouts

Absolutely Amazing Abs

by Suzie Cooney, Featured Athleta | We all want to look and feel great with strong abs all year long. I’ve selected a few of my favorite ab exercises for you to try and get results...…

May 25, 2010
DIY Workouts Stand Up Paddle

The New Wave of Balance Training

by Suzie Cooney, Featured Athlete | Whether you’re training for your first trail running race or simply want to prevent yourself from any unwelcome stumbles or falls, balance training is an integral part of everyone’s fitness routine---no matter what age or what sport you…

April 15, 2010

Born Free: Barefoot Running

by Suzie Cooney, Featured Athlete | I’ve just stepped into a new world! I guess I’ve been caught in a jungle of rubber and synthetic materials for too long. In the past few months, the topic of barefoot running has weaved its way into…

March 1, 2010
Healthy Inspiration

Be Healthy All Year

by Suzie Cooney, Featured Athlete | As we settle into the New Year, it's a time for many of us to take special inventory of family, life and our own personal health...…

January 14, 2010
Healing Stand Up Paddle

Walking On Water

by Suzie Cooney, Certified Personal Trainer | I am so very fortunate to live and work on the island of Maui. As a Northern California girl, moving to Maui has allowed me to enjoy the warm waters and share my knowledge and experience as…

November 17, 2009