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Sandy Sanders

Sandy Sanders Quick Fitness Fix

Quick Fitness Fix

Need a quick fitness fix? If you’ve got 5 minutes to spare, I’ve got you covered. In the video below, I’ll show you 10 exercises that can be done in a single 5-minute stretch. If you do them all at once, allotting 30 seconds…

June 6, 2014

Spring Into a 5k Challenge

So you want to do your first 5k, but aren’t sure where to start in terms of training? Running isn’t something that has to be taught, per se, because running is a pretty instinctual skill.  Put most people in a dark alley with a…

April 11, 2014
Sandy Sanders - 10 Partner Workouts
Gym & Training

10 Partner Workouts

With February being the “month of love,” why not show yourself some love and bring a friend along for the ride (actually, it’s best if you can find a friend for this particular workout), for this fun 30 minute partner workout! There’s no equipment…

February 7, 2014
30-Day Plank Challenge
DIY Workouts Gym & Training

30-Day Plank Challenge

Ever year it never seems to fail. People want to make those positive life changes and January usually becomes the magic month for change. There’s something magical about a brand new year, with all its brand new potential that prompts people to make a…

December 27, 2013

My Amazing Tri

This past summer I competed in the US Triathlon Olympic Distance National Championships and had one of the most amazing experiences. I had the opportunity to race against the best of the best. Was I intimidated? Definitely. Was it awesome? MOST definitely. Because of…

November 19, 2013
Healthy Inspiration Musings & Meditations

Super Fit Mom

Excusing the well-meaning motivation. Super Fit mom, Maria Kang, seemed to stir up quite a hornet’s nest when she posted a pic of herself in a sports bra and micro shorts, posing with her three young sons, ages (3, 2, and 8 months) and…

October 26, 2013
Musings & Meditations


Maybe it was karma. Maybe it was the at-home Insanity endurance-building workout challenge group I’ve been leading. Maybe it was a second wind. Or maybe, it was a mix of all the above. Whatever it was, it allowed me to maintain a 6:28 min…

October 9, 2013
Sandy Sanders - Tips for Open Water Swimming
Swim Triathlon

Tips for Open Water Swimming

As the summer continues to roll on, triathlon season is in full effect. Each new season brings with it a crop of motivated athletes trying their hand at triathlons. For many of these “newbies,” open water swimming can be the tri’s most daunting leg.…

July 26, 2013
Sandy Sanders - My Sweet Victory

My Own Sweet Victory

One of my goals for 2013 recently came and went. My goal was to complete the 4.4-mile Chesapeake Bay Swim. On Sunday, June 9th, I did just that. It wasn’t a pretty swim. Finishing 21-out-of-21 people in my age group was a far cry…

July 5, 2013
Sandy Sanders - My aMYAzing Inspiration
Musings & Meditations

My aMYAzing Inspiration

They say that certain people come into our lives for a reason. From entering the Navy’s rigorous, high attrition rate Dive School program; to challenging myself with endurance events; to joining the Athleta community; I’ve seen many inspiring people enter into my life. One…

June 12, 2013