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Rachel Toor

Rachel Toor

The Monkey Mind

Don’t force it? If I didn’t force it I wouldn’t be here. I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to be thinking about how much I hate my good friend Val right now. I hate her for being able to fold at the waist, wrap…

May 16, 2014
Rachel Toor - The Thirteener Manifesto

The Thirteener Manifesto

Five miles into what turned out to be, in perfect coincidence, a thirteen mile trail run, my friend, Dean, still running perkily after completing a tough 100 mile race a week before, an insanely hard 50K two weeks before that, and nabbing a fifth…

February 21, 2014
Rachel Toor - Girls on the Run 5k in Chicago
Girls on the Run Run

Girls on the Run 5K in Chicago

When you get an email from one of your oldest friends asking you to join her and the nine-year-old who calls you Auntie Rachel to come to Chicago for her first 5K, you can’t not go. Earlier this fall Val sent me a message…

December 5, 2013

First Steps

Let’s begin by admitting that when you start, it’s bloody awful. After you lace up your new running shoes for the first time, step into your short shorts with the built-in panties, pull on a tee-shirt made of recycled plastic bottles or some other…

September 25, 2013

What Becomes a Legend Most?

It’s easy to spot Nikki Kimball in a crowd, even in a crowd of super-fit runners. Her auburn hair is unruly, her pale skin wallpapered in freckles. She’s boisterous, laughs easily, and loudly.  Nikki Kimball is super-fit, but also sturdy, solid, and short. Her…

July 12, 2013
Boston 04-15-13
Musings & Meditations Run

Boston 04-15-13

The years I don’t go, it feels like I’m missing a party. I get texts and emails and photos in the weeks and days before the race. I get invitations to gatherings and receptions. I feel left out. And then, on race day, I…

April 17, 2013
Rachel Toor
Musings & Meditations

How I Like My Eggs

There are a few good reasons to watch the 1999 movie, The Runaway Bride. They are: Julia Roberts’ laugh, Richard Gere’s hair, and the bit about the eggs. The movie is about a woman who molds herself into whatever and whoever the man she’s…

February 8, 2013
Rachel Toor - 2012 Athleta Sponsored Athlete

Verklempt at the Races

When I worked in college admissions, one of the most damning things we could say about a student was that he had the “Ds”: determined, diligent, dedicated.  Students with the Ds get the work done. They don’t slack off, they tend not to complain,…

October 22, 2012
Rachel Toor and Candace Karu

My Best Running Buddy

On the rare occasions we run together, it’s generally only for a few miles. She will urge me on ahead or turn around before I’m ready to go back. During our too-infrequent visits, she will wake and run early in the morning, come home…

August 17, 2012