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Finish Strong Like a Kid - by Molly Barker
Girls on the Run Healthy Inspiration

Finish Strong Like a Kid

Something about the holiday season makes me want to put on fleece pajamas and a pair of fuzzy slippers and slide around on the hardwood floor. You, too? The smell of popcorn and cinnamon coupled with an early evening showing of the Grinch, Frosty,…

December 20, 2012
Finish Strong for Girls on the Run
Girls on the Run Healthy Inspiration

Pledge to Finish Strong

It’s the end of the year.  We are wrapping up another successful Girls on the Run season, thanks to the 47,000 plus volunteers who help bring this organization to life for so many across North America. We have also enjoyed an incredibly successful partnership…

November 26, 2012
Taylor's Tale - by Molly Barker, Founder of Girls on the Run
Girls on the Run Run

Taylor’s Tale

I’m traveling a ton these days and it never fails…I can spot the runner in the crowd. Whether on an airplane, in a hotel lobby, or dining at the table next to mine, there is this thing that a runner has, does or is,…

November 4, 2012
Molly Barker You Rock GOTR
Girls on the Run Run

Five Reasons to Run with Your Daughter

1. Running is about empowerment. Running does wonders for your body…sure. But the real wonder comes in how it makes a person feel. Running is feminism at its finest. When you run you OWN yourself, your body, your breath, your thoughts and your intention.…

September 14, 2012
Girls on the Run
Girls on the Run

Open Your Heart: Becca’s Story

I’ve been at Girls on the Run for 16 years now. The program has grown from 13 girls in 1996 to serving over 120,000 this past year. That’s a lot of growth. There are so many factors that go into the growth… strong infrastructure,…

July 27, 2012
Spirit-Girl by Molly Barker
Girls on the Run Run


I’ve been in the business of empowering girls since 1996 when I founded Girls on the Run. The goal of our program is to provide girls with the tools, strength and inspiration to, as one girl shared with me, “discover the center of who…

May 25, 2012
Come Home to Yourself - by Molly Barker, Girls on the Run Founder
Girls on the Run Healthy Inspiration

Come Home to Yourself

In 1996 I started Girls on the Run.  The program provides girls with the tools to, in spite of a world that might suggest otherwise, honor, embrace and celebrate their internal strengths, gifts and talents.  I’ve learned so much from the 8 to 13…

April 28, 2012
Girls on the Run: Share Your Gifts
Girls on the Run

Share Your Gifts

(This month, you will begin to see reference to Girls on the Run in the Athleta catalogue and promotional materials. As the Founder of Girls on the Run, I, along with our President Liz Kunz and VP of Partnerships, Katy Brown, had the privilege…

March 23, 2012
Girls on the Run Style
Girls on the Run Run

Girls on the Run Style

Alright, let’s face it. There are as many variations in style, intention and motivation as there are people who do it.  And yes… I’ll admit my motivation for running has changed over the years. Some years I ran to maintain my health. Other years…

March 7, 2012