Author: Michelle Sommers

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    The Beginner’s Guide to Surfing

    Hopefully you felt inspired by our June Athleta Journal “Learning to Surf Before I Turn 45” enough to consider getting on the board yourself this summer. We asked surf instructor and Executive Director for the Eastern Surfing Association (ESA) Michelle Sommers to share her tips for beginner surfers. After teaching hundreds of women to surf over seven…

  • Michelle Sommers - The Reward is Worth the Effort
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    Always Rewarded

    How many times have you looked out your window and the weather conditions kept you from doing something you love? Did you forgo that morning run because the weather report said it was too cold? Did you cancel your bike ride because clouds were starting to roll in? Did you choose to sit on the…

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    Salt Water

    “The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea.” – Isak Dineson This quotation is such a true statement.  I believe everyone who exercises regularly and has spent time in their life around an ocean or large body of water can truly relate to these words. We all know that exercise…

  • Michelle Sommers - Experiences
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    Experiences Are What Make Life Worth Living!

    TIME TO GET THAT EXPERIENCE! Experiences are what make life worth living. I recently lost two family members who both lived long, happy lives but it really put things back into perspective for me that life is about creating memories and leaving legacies – not about how much money you made or how many great…

  • Have No Fear of Surfing

    I’m always amazed at the fears that people have when it comes to surfing. There are risks associated with this sport, but many are minimal. After being struck in the face by a paddleboard earlier this year, I realize that freak accidents can happen even among experienced surfers. Getting over my fear of being hit…

  • Cold Weather Surfing Tips
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    Cold Water Surfing Tips

    Let’s face it — warm water is ideal for any surfer.  Unfortunately, many surf spots only have warmer water temps for a few months out of the year.  One good thing about the weather getting colder is that there are usually better waves in the fall and winter months, and most surf spots are less…

  • We All Need to Play!

    People often ask me how I am able to do so much — run, surf, teach surf lessons and play with my boys!  My answer is simple — the more active I am, the more I am able do and not get tired.  As winter approaches, I have to work harder to find ways to…

  • You're as Young as You Feel
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    You’re as Young as You Feel

    Since I recently celebrated my 36th birthday, I’ve had many people ask me how it feels to get older.  The answer I have been giving everyone is that I actually feel better now than at any other time in my life! Age is relative, and the saying that “you’re only as old as you allow…

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    Give Back & Make a Difference

    After a wonderful weekend on Maui participating in OluKai’s 3rd Annual Ho’olaule’a, I was able to experience a day of giving back that I had never done before.  Each year, OluKai partners with Maui Cultural Lands to spend a day in the Honokowai Valley doing reforesting work to preserve the area in hopes of restoring…

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