Travel Yoga Practice

by Margaret Burns Vap 7

Travel yoga has been on my mind lately. Late last year, my family and I temporarily relocated from Montana to London, UK. After getting ourselves settled, my yoga practice also settled into a spectacular daily routine as I took advantage of what the London yoga scene ...

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Gift Picks: Yoga Books & Music

by Margaret Burns Vap 2

Do you have a yogini on your holiday shopping list? Chances are, she doesn’t need another yoga mat, and you probably already got her an Athleta gift card. Help her deepen her practice with everyone’s favorite fallback gift — books and music. But wait! These aren’t ...

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Mini Yoga Practice: Hip Opening

by Margaret Burns Vap 16

One of my first yoga teachers called the hips “the attic of the body.” Like the attic with its forgotten clutter, we frequently forget about the tension in our hips. It’s easier to recognize when tension shows up in our necks and shoulders, and often easier ...

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Chandra Krama: Summer Yoga

by Margaret Burns Vap 5

Summer’s in full swing, and while that means lots of good things, it can also feel a little too hot sometimes. Most of us love the chance to get outdoors more often to enjoy warmer temps and longer days, but too much heat and humidity can ...

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Cowgirl Yoga: Poses for Riders II

by Margaret Burns Vap 11

It’s a bit amusing what some people imagine Cowgirl Yoga to be when they first hear of it: visions of handstands in the saddle, hanging upside down off the horse, or wild arm balances at the gallop all seem to dance through their heads. The reality ...

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The 5 Warrior Warm-Up

by Margaret Burns Vap 15

I know some of you out there aren’t yoginis. You’d rather lace up your running shoes, hop on your bike, or do whatever other activity calls your name. I know your type well, and I must admit to having a part in bringing many of you ...

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