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Margaret Burns Vap

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Break It Down: Ease Into Advanced Asanas

Let’s face it: We live in a culture that thrives on results. We like that feeling of accomplishment that comes from crossing items off our to-do list, and from achieving larger goals. It’s not all bad, but one place this drive to achieve backfires…

November 11, 2009
Outdoor Fitness Yoga

Breathe. Feel. Trust. Giddy Up.

There are many similarities between practicing yoga and riding a horse, which is how Cowgirl Yoga, a merging of horses and yoga, came about. Despite the similarities, there is one very, very big difference between yoga and riding: when you practice yoga you are…

June 29, 2009
DIY Workouts Yoga

OMbody Mini Practice

In Be An OMbody we focused on sun salutations as the cornerstone for a home practice. Now that you’re feeling comfortable saluting the sun at home, the  next step is to build a well-rounded practice. As a yoga teacher, my main criteria for creating…

May 19, 2009
DIY Workouts Yoga

Be an OMbody

If the economy has put a damper on your yoga class attendance, it’s time to start a home practice. Just because you have to cut back doesn’t mean you should cut back on yoga. A home practice can help fine-tune your grasp of the…

May 4, 2009