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    Winter Wonderland in Your Body & Mind

    I love winter so much, but as the season approaches (wow!) I have really felt the change. What I adore about winter is also what makes it a challenging time for all of us. I love that winter teaches me about impermanence. Everything that was once luscious and green is now dead or dying off….

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    Yogini Groundhog Day: 15 Women, One Month of Yoga

    What happens when fifteen women agree to meet at a Mexican villa in a small, discrete fishing village on the warm Pacific Ocean in the middle of summertime? What happens when these same women agree to meet for an entire month, with people they don’t know, to learn and practice an ancient art called yoga…

  • Why Retreat? by Katie Silcox
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    Why Retreat?

    Wielding her extra-large cast-iron skillets and a Portugese-knit apron, Chef Mary fed me and twenty of my yoga students for three days. She fed us bergamot-laced salads followed by canary-colored quinoa. She topped delicate jasmine rice with edible garden flowers, lavender and heart-shaped clovers. She chopped onions with a royal finery, lovingly grating ginger and…

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    Clean, Green, Sexy Spring

    A moonlight walk in Ohio shows me twiggy trees, forlorn after a long (albeit mild) winter. I look out onto their naked branches and spy the tiniest of life-filled capsules decorating the nudity of winter’s leftovers. Amid all the brown and dry and cold and weariness there lies within those buds a hot-pink yumminess just…

  • Stay Juicy - Katie Silcox
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    Stay Juicy, Feel Satisfied

    It’s 8:00 am and I’m sitting in the Richmond, Virginia airport, about to head to out Cincinnati to teach a yoga workshop in one of my favorite states in the country. Amidst the dry heat of the airport, styrofoam coffee cups and the cruel brightness of the overhead halogen lighting, I can’t help but notice…

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