Author: Julia Zammito

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    4 Kettlebell Moves for a Total Body Workout

    Get a total body workout with kettlebells in just 20 to 30 minutes! Are you sick of your same old workout? Or do you tend to focus on the same favorite areas and neglect others? Then mix it up with kettlebells. You’ll get an amazing, full-body workout and it only takes up 20 to 30…

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    Shop Like Your Personal Trainer is Your Cashier

    Prepare for health success with the proper grocery shopping techniques. In order to eat clean, you need to shop clean. If you don’t stock up on the proper nutritious foods, then it will be impossible to maintain a healthy lean diet. Before you head to the store, plan out all of your meals for the…

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    DIY Workout with 3 Tools You Have

    They’re in our closets. Under our beds. Over in the corner collecting dust. We got them to help with our New Year’s resolutions or in a burst of motivation to get back into shape, but perhaps have now forgotten what a simple but effective tool they can be. I’m talking about resistance bands, stability balls,…

  • Julia Zammito - Take Your Workouts Outside
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    Take Your Workouts Outside and On the Go

    It’s been a long, long… long winter for many parts of the country, but warm weather is finally here, so get outside and enjoy it! Warm weather is good for more than BBQs and lazy days on the beach. There are thousands of ways to get in a fun and effective workout outdoors – and…

  • Julia Zammito - The Importance of Accountability
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    The Importance of Accountability

    Everyone wants to maintain a successful workout regime, but so many people fall out of it after a few months. Why? Well, life kicks in – there’s an important paper to write or a big meeting to prep for. The kids’ activity schedules have you running around like a crazed woman or, hey, it’s just…

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