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    The Summer of Doing It All

    The Swim, Bike, Run-A-Marathon Twice, Produce a Fitness Video, Train a Running Crew, Teach Classes, Hold Down a Full-Time Job, and Try Not to Have a Nervous Breakdown Diaries! This summer was incredibly busy — it has absolutely flown by. I simply can’t believe it has almost come to an end. I have lots of…

  • Mad Cool Fitness Challenge - by Jennifer Turner
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    Mad Cool Fitness Challenge

    I teach a MAD COOL FITNESS Healthy Support Seminar in Harlem. There are three pillars to living a healthy lifestyle: 1) nutrition, 2) exercise, and 3) productive stress management. The MCF Healthy Support Seminar focuses on these areas, providing participants with practical information they can use to create wellness systems that work for them.  As…

  • This is Not the End, But the Beginning

    Sunday April 15th was a special day. Not because it was Tax Day (we did get a 2 day reprieve thank goodness). It was special because it was the day of the More Magazine/Fitness Magazine Women’s Half Marathon and it was the birthday of female heroes. I’m happy to say that all of the women…

  • The Road - by Jennifer Turner
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    The Road

    I am so thrilled to be an Athleta Sponsored Athlete this year! My delight at receiving this improbable honor and being included among such amazing women is only surpassed by my excitement for training women from my Upper East Side New York store to participate in the More+Fitness Women’s Half Marathon this April.  I could…

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