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How to Overcome Your Fear of Yoga Inversions

Have you always wanted to try an inversion but have been too afraid? Mel Torres from Headstands & Heels teaches how to overcome these fears in a safe way. One thing I guarantee is once you find comfort in going upside down your practice will never be the…

June 22, 2017
The Power Of She

5 Tips For Friendships That Go The Distance

Guest contributor Mel from the blog Headstands and Heels shares 5 tips for maintaining long-distance friendships. My dad used to say that as “an adult” you can consider yourself lucky if you can count your close friends on one hand. When I was in…

December 23, 2016

5 Yoga Poses To Do Every Day

There are countless benefits — both mental and physical — to a regular yoga practice. We caught up with one of our favorite bloggers, Mel to get the down-low on some great poses you can practice daily. Handstands, headstands, arm balances, splits and backbends……

October 2, 2016