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  • One-Legged King Pigeon Pose
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    Embrace Natarajasana (Dancer Pose)

    I struggled with Natarajasana. For months and months, I wobbled back and forth and completely out of the pose. After a particularly frustrating experience, my teacher at the time reminded me that the only way I would be able to find the pose was if I let go. This baffled me. Let go? I’ll fall…

  • Keep Sane & Happy with Yoga at Work
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    Keep Sane & Happy at Work

    I love my job, which is a very good thing because the majority of my time is spent at work. I also love yoga. The good thing is they go together very well. No matter how much you love your job, there are bound to be times where you’re feeling tired and overwhelmed. So in…

  • Embrace Pincha Mayurasana - Forearm Stand
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    Embrace Pincha Mayurasana (Forearm Stand)

    I remember the elation and shock I felt when I lifted up into my first arm balance! I could not believe that I was seriously on my hands with my feet off the floor. I immediately crashed back down, but the feeling was still there… the knowledge that I could. The power of arm balances…

  • Embrace Ustrasana (Camel Pose)
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    Embrace Ustrasana (Camel Pose)

    Back bends… you either love them or hate them. We are not known for treating our spine well. We sit in chairs or cars all day and I’m betting you’re slouching. I have some pretty interesting/unfortunate sitting habits myself and the result is generally a painful back. Three reasons why I think you’ll love back…

  • Partner Yoga - Hannah & Pedro Franco
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    Partner Yoga

    Ok, so you got yoga down, you can hang with being present, managing your emotions, flailing limbs, dripping sweat etc…  but it’s a whole different thing when you add another person into the equation — someone else’s sweat, limbs, and ideas about how things should work. Dealing with yourself is one thing; adding the element…

  • Mayurasana - Peacock Pose
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    Embrace Mayurasana (Peacock Pose)

    In the yogic traditions, the peacock symbolizes beauty, strength, compassion, and the ability to destroy snakes or, more importantly, digest their venom. It is said that if you practice Mayurasana you will be able to digest the most toxic of poisons.  Not that I’m suggesting you go out and down some arsenic, but your digestion…

  • Embrace Salamba Sirsasana (Headstand)
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    Embrace Salamba Sirsasana (Headstand)

    This pose evokes a lot of reaction whenever it’s brought up, either great fear or joy in most students.  It can be a lifelong challenge. Before walking you through the steps to get into headstand, I want to touch on the concept that it embodies. It is called an inversion for a reason, and it…

  • Resources for Yoga Newbies
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    Ask Hannah: Resources for Yoga Newbies

    I remember trying a yoga class for the first time. I was totally embarrassed and I had no idea what the heck was going on. But when I got out of class I was HOOKED! I was so relaxed and happy. I had to keep at it. I think this is a big thing for…

  • Bikram Yoga Tips & Thoughts
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    Ask Hannah: Bikram Yoga

    People are always asking me what each style of yoga is like and what type of yoga they should do. I will admit I have my preferences, but the questions made me realize that one of the ways I want to share yoga is to help everyone make a decision that is right for them….

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