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  • Go With Your Gut
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    Go With Your Gut

    Last year, I had the privilege of giving not one, but two speeches about my experience with breast cancer. The first was for local dignitaries near the base where my husband was stationed. I was the keynote speaker for the base’s Triple Ribbon Month (Drug, Domestic Violence and Breast Cancer Awareness). I spoke of grit,…

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    I Am a Cold Weather Runner

    It is a rarity in Central Georgia that the temperatures dip into the single digits, but it can and does happen. The arctic blast that is hammering the rest of the country with frigid cold temperatures has even affected us here. The recorded temperature is currently 11 degrees, but when you factor in the wind…

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    Minutes and Hours

    Several years ago, I was sent an email or tagged on Facebook with a piece that spoke about how increments of time affect different people. Think about how long a minute is to the mother of a preemie, fighting for every breath… How long a day, a month, a year was to a cancer patient,…

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    Mommy Guilt

    I don’t care if you have children with two feet or four, if you have “children” you have mommy guilt. It goes along with the territory. It’s in your goodie bag when you leave the hospital, adoption center, or wherever your baby came from. Alas, it’s not something visible, tangible or something they tell you is in…

  • Gen Matchette - Renewal
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    Growing up in Wisconsin, we looked forward to spring like a man at sea looks forward to seeing the port come into sight. I always knew spring was right around the corner when my mom and dad would come home from the grocery store with crocuses. The slender shoots were indicative that spring was coming,…

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    Group Training

    After an informal study, I’ve come to the conclusion that group bike rides or runs are a bit like Montessori school… To those unfamiliar with Montessori, it’s a teaching style that utilizes a multi-age classroom setting, allowing for the older or more knowledgeable students to facilitate the learning of the younger, less knowledgeable students. Everyone…

  • My swim angel Featured
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    Swim Angels

    Through my Athleta sponsorship, I have had the privilege of coming into contact with some amazing women. These women come from all walks of life and represent the gambit of athleticism. Some just want to live a healthy lifestyle, while others strive for perfection on a worldwide stage. I have been fortunate to forge friendships…

  • Gen Matchette - Athleta Sponsored Athlete
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    The Upside of Breast Cancer

    As we head towards the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I’m curious – for those of you that are over 40, did you get your mammogram yet? If not, WHY NOT?! Even I still have to get an ultrasound of my lymph nodes and chest every year to make sure nothing funny is going…

  • Dream Believe Achieve - by Gen Matchette
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    Dream Believe Achieve

    If you were to see me in the grocery store or at the soccer field, you would probably peg me as just one more beleaguered soccer mom. You’d be partly correct. It would only be on closer inspection that you might notice the well-defined calf muscles from logging hundreds of miles pounding the pavement or…

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