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  • Getting Into the Swim
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    Getting Into the Swim

    If you’ve always wanted to use swimming as a means of working out, but maybe haven’t felt comfortable swimming with other people or have been put off by the seemingly impenetrable or unwelcoming nature of adult swim groups, then this article is for you. Below are some of the basic steps to establishing a healthy…

  • Elaine Howley - Learn to Swim
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    Learn to Swim

    Until recently, I never had a good sense of just how lucky I am that my parents made knowing how to swim such a priority for my brother and me when we were kids. I started taking lessons when I was 18 months old, and by age five—spurred on by a relentless sense of sibling…

  • Elaine Howley - The Body Speaks
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    The Body Speaks

    Recently, I went on a long weekend retreat at a respected yoga and health center here in Massachusetts. I was there primarily to support my mom, who was attending a grief management workshop that she found enormously helpful, possibly even life changing. I was tempted to join her in the workshop, but worried that if…

  • Elaine Howley - Won’t Pork Be High
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    Won’t Pork Be High: A Year in Review

    Oh me, oh my
    Won’t pork be high
    When little pigs
    Begin to fly… That’s a little ditty… more »

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    What Not to Wear: Open Water Swimming Edition

    Because of open water’s specific set of challenges and conditions, selecting the right suit for the adventure is paramount to your success. My training partner, Jonathan, has become an excellent open water swimmer in short order, largely because he’s a very thoughtful athlete who researches every detail in advance of selecting a challenge to complete. That…

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    The Fairer Sex’s Best Marathon Open Water Swims of 2013. This summer, a lot of media attention has been soaked up by a single open water swim. I’m not going to name it because I don’t want to give it yet more press, but you no doubt heard about it. The controversy that followed may…

  • Elaine Howley - DNF
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    The Dreaded DNF

    Did Not Finish. The three little words that strike fear in the hearts of endurance athletes of all stripes. Whether you’re a runner, a cyclist, a triathlete, or a swimmer, seeing a DNF listed next to your name after an event—particularly one you’ve trained years for and expended a lot of time, money, and energy…

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    I Am My Fathers’ Daughter

    As a little kid, I was definitely a Daddy’s Girl. I fought to sit right next to him on the wide front seat of his banana yellow boat of a car and shoved my brother out to the window side anytime the three of us went somewhere. And I coveted the times that my father…

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    Breath of Life

    Sandra Dennis is something of a lifesaver. Not my life, not yet anyway, though I do intend to return to her yoga studio and do some more sessions under her calm and soothing guidance. The life she’s currently working on saving is my mom’s. It’s been a rough road for her lately. See, my mom…

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