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Top 5 Ways Travel Brings Out Your Best Self

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous I travel a lot. I’ve traveled as a professional athlete, and as an insatiable seeker-of-beauty and adventure. I’ve been inspired, humbled, and ultimately infatuated with the transformations that happen…

March 28, 2017

How Meditation Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Learn how Colleen Cannon – a world champion triathlete and founder of Women’s Quest, a holistic health and fitness retreat for women – harnessed the power of meditation to strengthen her body and mind and improve her performance. I started meditating 30 years ago…

July 7, 2015
Healthy Inspiration

Nurture Your Intentions

You have set your New Year’s intention, now how about some tools to help give your Heart’s Desire wings to fly into reality? I like to use a garden metaphor because your dreams and intentions are like seeds that need to be planted, nourished,…

January 19, 2013
The Power of Intention - What's Yours?
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The Power of Intention… What’s Yours?

01-28-13 UPDATE: Thanks for all the AMAZING intentions you’ve contributed! Comments made after 5:00pm Pacific Time on January 28th are not eligible for the giveaway, but please feel free to continue sharing your intentions! See the weekly intention winners featured on our Facebook and…

December 31, 2012
Christina Russell Ski Stretches
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Stretches for Skiers

To stretch or not to stretch… that is the question. We all know that feeling of tightness in muscles that have been overworked… that readiness to go ‘ping’ if we just so much as sneeze or move the wrong way. We KNOW that tight,…

December 28, 2012