Author: Carri Uranga

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    Homemade Holiday Power Bites

    Not all holiday treats have to be rich and decadent. Some can actually be healthy, full of nutrition, and make excellent pre- or post-workout snacks. These homemade power bites are quick, easy, and make a versatile treat. Best of all, there’s no cooking time! 1 ¼ cup oats Scoop of almond butter Squeeze of pure…

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    5 Tips for Exercising in the Heat

    Summer is finally here and the heat is on! This means more people are taking their workout routines outdoors. Cycling, running, urban boot camps, and even yoga classes move from gyms and studios to parks, waterfronts and cityscapes. We wait for this all year, but with added time spent outside we also increase the amount…

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    Six Ways to Improve Your Running by Not Running

    I remember I was working at a gym. A lanky couple came in inquiring about membership. I was going to give them a tour when they said, “We just want to know how many treadmills you have.” So I told them and proceeded to tell them about some other features of the gym. “That’s OK,”…

  • Carri Uranga - Keeping it Simple
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    Tips for Keeping it Simple in 2013

    My husband Chris and I spent six months hiking the Appalachian Trail, then in 2006 we sold most of our possessions (including our house and car) to spend a year traveling in Central and South America. Since then, we think twice (or maybe five times) before acquiring something new. To this day I think, “Do…

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    Teach a Child, Learn Like a Child

    On a recent trip while teaching at South Africa Yoga, my hosts and I were visiting some local daycare centers that we were doing some work with. Some of the schools were made out of old tractor trailers, and some were made from sheet metal. I remember how impressed I was that the community had…

  • We Are All Connected

    In reflecting on my time spent in South Africa, one theme repeatedly continues to arise: that I am drawn to Africa and can’t believe it took me 40 years to finally get there! Being in the coffee industry, my husband Chris had been to Africa twice and refers to it as “the cradle of life.”…

  • Carri Uranga - 2012 Athleta Sponsored Athlete
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    Discomfort Zone

    As a yoga and Pilates teacher, I’m often suggesting to students to step outside of their comfort zones. We spend a lot of time doing what comes easy or natural to us. This year I will be practicing what I preach, as I have many plans in which I, too, will be going outside of…

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