Author: Aerial Lynn

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    7 Tips on How to Live More Mindfully

    Mindfulness can be defined as “awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally.” This way of being has been incorporated in various medical, school and mental health settings proving its ability to positively change lives. The main three aspects of practicing mindfulness are awareness, non-judgment and acceptance. Mindfulness is not…

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    Start the New Year Off Right with These 5 Gratitude-Building Yoga Moves

    Try these 5 gratitude-building yoga poses to power your intentions for the New Year.

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    Why We Love Yoga: 6 Physical and Emotional Benefits of Your Yoga Practice

    LA-based yoga teacher Aerial Lynn inspires with yoga’s many lasting good vibes and physical benefits. Yoga and meditation have temporary and lifelong benefits that often start on the mat. Let’s discuss how a dedicated practice can boost both your everyday living and contribute to a lifetime of zen and bliss! 3 emotional qualities that yoga and meditation can contribute…

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