Meet Laura, Athleta PR & Partnerships Manager

Laura doesn’t just work at Athleta, she lives and breathes the mission as a PR and Partnerships Manager and instructor at our in-office Fit Studio. She says she loves everything about working at Athleta, especially that “the work that we do is so inspiring and purposeful, that after a long day, I walk out of the office feeling like we made a difference.”

We checked in with her after featuring her in our Spring catalog to see how she starts her mornings, and why her favorite time of day is #ZenZenOClock.

Take us through your morning routine.

I wake up at 7 and enjoy 15 minutes of morning snuggles with my pup, Ruby, and husband, Joe. Then I get out of bed, get the coffee going and head to the bathroom to wash my face, brush my teeth, etc. Once I’m dressed, I make breakfast (either a homemade acai bowl or an English muffin), then Joe, Ruby and I head up to our roof deck where Ruby gets her morning playtime, and Joe and I get to connect about our day over coffee. I leave for work around 8:30. I always walk and will play music, walk with Joe, or call a friend on my way in.

In addition to being a PR + Partnerships Manager, you teach Yoga Sculpt class at the Fit Studio.

Yes! Yoga Sculpt is a class that flows like a yoga class but incorporates weights (light and heavy) and a block. It’s set to upbeat music, is high energy, and incorporates cardio elements to intensify the workout. I always say that it’s like yoga, but slightly more intense. It’s a great way to kick off a busy work day.

You also teach a Flow Core Tone class at Equinox. How is it different from Yoga Sculpt?

Flow Core Tone is essentially the same flow as Yoga Sculpt, but with slight tweaks to the equipment, based on how difficult of a workout students are requesting that day.

When you’re not teaching, what’s your favorite way to exercise?

I love Barry’s Bootcamp and SoulCycle. The classes are so fun, motivating and intense—my three favorite characteristics of a workout. I also love taking long walks with Joe and Ruby. We can walk miles and not realize it because we are spending time as a family, we’re getting exercise together, and Joe and I cover a lot of ground chatting about work, family, friends, etc. It’s just an easy way to have #RealTalks and #QTFamTime.

Do you have an evening ritual?

Ha! I do. I call it #ZenZenOClock. It starts at around 7:30 or 8:00 pm. We turn the lights off, light some candles, and snuggle on the couch with a TV show or music. Around 9:30 or 10 we take Ruby for her nighttime pee on the roof. To give her a little more exercise before bed, Joe and I stand on opposite ends of the deck with treats, making her run back and forth while she does tricks in between.

You get a lot done in one day! Any advice for others who want to strike a healthy balance?

I have been known to bite off more than I can chew, and I’m still learning how to say “no” in order to prioritize myself and my family. I used to be so afraid to say no to plans, but now my health and my family are huge priorities for me and saying no will help me be a better wife, coworker, instructor, and friend. It’s constant work to make sure that I’m practicing balance.

Some advice: Joe and I use a shared family calendar to communicate about our schedules. We sit together on Sunday nights, look at the week, and outline how we can take turns taking care of the dog (who comes home when), where can we carve out friend time vs. family time, and when I get Laura time. Sundays, especially during football season, I save for myself. I go to Equinox and steam in the sauna, do a mask, sip tea, read – it’s a way for me to recharge for the week. I look forward to my Sundays, EVERY day!

See more of Laura’s active lifestyle (and some shots of Ruby!) on her Instagram. There are so many interesting and intelligent women who work at Athleta. Stay tuned for more posts featuring these inspirational ladies.

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