The Athleta Community is #UpForAnything

To help prove our new Up For Anything Tight is the right fit for any new adventure, we challenged our community to slip on a pair and show us how they’re up for anything. Avid runners took a leap onto the monkey bars for the first time, inversion-averse ladies went head over heels in handstands, and a few women went old school by strapping on rollerblades and watching out for the hills.


“Yesterday, @misslauravarney and I took our @athleta #UpForAnything tights for the ultimate test run, a 2-on-1 personal training boxing session and let me tell you, these tights NEVER MOVED ONCE!!! Dreams do come true! Not only did they stay put so I could smash my #workout but the Sculptek fabric was amazing for keeping me cool when things were heating up!!”


“I woke up sore this morning and greatly considered skipping this workout and going back to sleep— but I couldn’t fall back asleep! So I made my way to Pasadena to get my sweat on, because why the heck not!
Is there something that you have always wanted to do but have always held yourself back from? Let’s push those thoughts aside and make this a year to be Up For Anything!!”


“This day was definitely a highlight of 2017! The @livestrong_com @athleta “UP FOR ANYTHING” day was super special! My mom was flown in and treated like the queen she is. The whole day was planned out, but a mystery to us! We ended up doing meditation on the beach, cardio boxing, eating delicious food, goat yoga (yes I said goat Yoga), and a sound bath. It was beautiful to just surrender to the day and see what happened! I def want to bring that energy into the new year!!”

“Today @menchies and I took our first power reformer class at @mntstudio we were #UpForAnything and loved this change of pace!
Thank you @athleta for nominating us to move outside of our comfort zones, and outfitting us in these incredibly comfortable leggings! We had a fabulous afternoon at the studio with Gabby (our instructor). We will be back again! ”


“No, this is not an Athleta Ambassador crime scene. Not unless you consider being silly and increasing our sisterly bond a crime. I had the honor of joining forces with my fellow Corte Madera Ambassadors at the #upforanything party last night. We 5 are so different yet those differences are what makes us so strong when united.”


“The class ended up being a great challenge for the ability to move fast, remember the punches, and take off the boxing gloves in a matter of seconds. Despite my concern, it wasn’t intimidating at all!”


Looks like Ambassador Hilary Rifkin is UPFA, even in below freezing temperatures – “Me and my tights, even in the snow”


“Sharing a quiet moment together before synchronizing our steps to take off into the air! // Thanks @athleta for gearing us up with your new tights! We are always #upforanything”


“what I realized when thinking about what to try for my #UpForAnything challenge is that while I usually think working out when I think wellness, I never really hit pause and give myself a mental break. Enter meditation. My ultimate challenge: turning my mind OFF and taking time to prioritize stillness and being present”


“#Throwback to the set of the @athleta #UpForAnything video shoot in October at @sdcircuscenter. As much as I wanted to play on the trapeze, try the double Dutch, bungees, and free fall jump, my role was to support the 8 women who we had surprised. But when the cameras were off and everyone left, I did get to sneak on this #lyrahoop for the first time! Two things: ouch! It’s actually a really hard surface and it gave me bruises behind my knees, and… please do not spin me in circles unless you want me to throw up! I will always be up for anything… but I think I’ll stay away from spinning things as a general rule.”


“@athleta asked if I was #upforanything and sent me to my first ever Barre Fly class. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone to the max, and feelin’ so damn strong, pretty amazing, sweaty, and SORE AF. These moments make me SO THANKFUL for taking my health back three years ago, and keeps me motivated to continue on this journey for life.”


“Indoor skateboarding? Sure, why not! Don’t be afraid to try something different in Athleta’s new #upforanything tights and capris, featuring Sculptek Light technology. The colors are vibrant and beautiful, the compression is just right, and they have so many pockets for storing your stuff while you take on any adventure!”


When I’m punching that bag & I’m in my zone— the last thing I’m thinking about is what I look like. It’s about what my body can do.


“Thank you @the_philasophy and @athleta for inviting me to the #upforanything leggings launch. I was asked to lift people up for #ridetherob and do some Acro during the launch party. Be confident in yourself. Believe you can do it. Thank you for the opportunity, and I hope I was able to help show that we are capable of doing more than we think we can. Thank you to my AcroFam and students that came out to support me. Hope you enjoy the swag and had a great time. I saw an upside down mannequin and couldn’t resist doing this shot.”

Feeling inspired by all the women pushing themselves out of their comfort zones? Check out all styles of the Up For Anything Tight here as you map out your first heart-pounding adventure — aerial yoga? Slacklining? Rock climbing?

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