Make Your Workouts Epic in 2018

Why, Hello 2018! It’s a new year, and that means it’s time to seek out the most epic workouts and sweat even more. From workouts that have you swinging from bar to bar, to finding mindfulness in your R&R, these 10 exercises offer a fresh perspective on what it means to embrace the challenge and channel your inner athlete.

Aerial Yoga

Flip your practice upside down. Suspending yourself in the air releases tension on your bones, joints, and muscles, while lengthening your spine without putting pressure on your back. Plus, let’s be real…it’s fun to float and feel gravity-free.


Release stress and doubt by punching up your workout a few extra notches. Fusing together cardio and strength, this full body workout will have your mind, body and soul feeling the ultimate in control. Plus, an hour of jabs and kicks helps combat any long, frustrating day.


Wander off the beaten path in 2018 and explore a new hiking trail! Dirt trails are often easier on joints than asphalt or concrete, so it’s less impact on your ankles and knees. Leave your phone behind, use the time to disconnect from technology, and get lost in nature.


What do you get when you cross a snowboard, a surfboard, a skateboard and a sailboat? Kiteboarding uses the power of wind to propel you across the water, while you use the power of your entire body to propel with it. This thrilling sport is perfect for toning your upper and lower body while improving balance, strength, stability, and of course…confidence. Just come dressed in UPF, and be prepared to get wet!


Last August, we gave you #PermissionToPause. But, meditation is something to practice day in and day out, as it’s said to reduces stress, anxiety and improve overall health. If you don’t have access to a drop-in studio like Unplug, there are a number of meditation apps that can help you practice staying mindful. Need a quick refresher? Try this.


Ever dream about flying like superwoman? Push it to the limit and embrace new heights with a trapeze workout. Enhance your hand-eye coordination, have a laugh and fall gracefully with this full body workout. *Pro Tip: Bring a friend to capture the action on Insta; maybe even play with the rewind feature while reaching the first bar to the second.


#Bladingisback. But don’t let the wheels fool you. This low-impact cardio activity activates your calves, hammies, quads, glutes, and core while releasing good laughs, nostalgia and straight up FUN. Rollerblading is said to improve stability and posture and helps you get from point A to point B just a little bit faster.


Sometimes we want a cardio workout but can’t bring ourselves to take on a tread or stair master workout. Have no fear cardio goers, this no-fail, total body workout is the perfect alternative to running or biking. Calling on virtually every major muscle group with minimal pressure on joints, rowing activates your legs, hips, chest, back, and arms, and increases your heart rate to burn fat in a matter of minutes.  Plus, let’s be real – it unleashes our inner competitor by challenging ourselves to row faster and rack those meters as quickly as possible.


Run, drop and slide! No one can own the board better than you. If you’re looking for a simple, fun-in-the-sun leg and glute workout, grab a skim board, head to your nearest beach and get running. Don’t be afraid of the balance-challenge. Own it girl; the water will catch you!


Channel your inner gymnast with this killer core, glute and quad workout. Can’t find yourself a thin cable to dip along? Find a balance beam or a narrow plank.  Alternate balancing on one leg at a time. *Pro tip: Ground into your standing leg and heel, engage your core and stand tall – you’ll be surprised at how balanced and coordinated you really are!


What do all of these activities have in common? They’re a little outside your comfort zone but you don’t care…because you’re #UpForAnything. So if you’re sick of spinning or just going through the motions at the gym, kick that stale routine to the curb, grab a buddy and make your workouts epic in 2018!


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