We’re Up For Anything, Are You?

With Sculptek Light fabric, a no-flip waistband, and four pockets, we knew our Up For Anything Tight could stand strong for different kinds of workouts, so we set out to test it. We connected with real customers to see if they wanted to participate in an Athleta tights wear test. Our eager group of eight women met up at a studio expecting they’d be asked to perform a workout they were already familiar with: tennis, yoga, pilates, cycling, boot camp, dancing, or maybe even a little boxing. But they were in for a big surprise!


We asked the women to change into our Up For Anything Tight and All In Bra and line up for a group photo. Little did they know that what seemed like a straight-forward photo studio was about to transform into a circus activity-themed gym featuring:

• Lyra: Aerial acrobatics performed on a circular steel hoop suspended from the ceiling. You can use the hoop while it’s still, spinning, or swinging.
• Aerial Bungee: A high-flying routine performed while strapped into a harness attached to bungee ropes hanging from the ceiling.
• Trapeze: A skillfully executed swing on a trapeze bar using your knees to hang on upside-down while reaching for and connecting with another performer’s hands.
• Free Fall: An unharnessed leap and drop from an extended platform onto a huge, inflated cushion.
• Double Dutch: Two long jump ropes are turning in opposite directions where you must keep your balance and rhythm to stay in place

The women were shocked and excited about the surprising turn of events.

“And then the walls go up, and I literally was so excited. I saw the mats and someone was saying that it looked like we were doing cheerleading or some kind of gymnastics, and I’m not good at gymnastics. I was a little scared, but it was so exciting to see the trapeze and the aerial. I honestly thought we were going to be outdoors. I see a lot of Athleta is like very outdoorsy, so I thought we were going to be outdoors. But I guess I’m wrong.” – ENID

“The first thing I saw was mats. Being a cheerleader, I was like, ‘Oh my god, we’re going to be doing cheerleading.’ I’m so excited, so, so excited.” – ANNE

“I was totally taken by surprise. I didn’t expect it, but it was absolutely amazing.” – RUSULENNI

“We had no idea of what was gonna happen, and then everything changed instantaneously with a big reveal. And we all had to take a deep breath and figure out what we were gonna do. I thought maybe we’d be trying on some clothes and maybe doing a few stretches in them. Not so much.” – JEN


All the women in the group had experience with a wide range of workouts, but jumping from a great height, dangling upside down from a hoop, and grabbing someone’s hands while swinging on a trapeze was a different kind of challenge altogether.

“The most intimidating moment today was the trapeze. I was fifty shades of scared.” – ANNE

“The moment I surprised myself was when I let go of my hands during the trapeze and I was just hanging by my feet. That was such an incredible feeling. I felt so exhilarated.” – ENID

“I doubted myself the entire time. It was this constant battle of it: Am I gonna do this? Can I back out? Is this something that I’m capable of? And ultimately, I did it. I think I overcame that doubt by seeing everybody else going for it and rooting me on and realizing that they did it.” – JEN

“Jumping off the cherry picker. That was crazy. That was really high in the air. That was really crazy.” – KEELY

“I almost didn’t do it (the trapeze), and then I thought about how disappointed I would be for at least not trying. So I got in the zone and I thought, ‘Okay, you know what? I’m just gonna do it,’ and then once I make up my mind, I’m like, ‘Okay. I’m good.’ So the fear left and it was super fun.” – VICTORIA


Before the day of the shoot, the women had never met each other. After being thrown into a situation with a lot of new and intimidating challenges, the group found themselves cheering each other on.

“We bonded. Maybe it was the fear factor of the whole thing that really made us bond.” – KEELY

“That was probably my favorite thing about the entire day, was just meeting all these incredible women who came together, didn’t know one another. The beginning of the day, we were all a little bit shy and nervous, and then by then end of the day, I feel like I have a whole bunch of new best friends.” – JEN

“The group of women was incredible. I think one of the best things was the fact that it was so empowering. We’re all just encouraging each other to conquer our fears and in that kind of encouragement, you just feel so good.” – ENID

“We just bonded really quickly and everybody was rooting for each other and cheering each other on. Even when people were scared or not scared, everybody kind of got behind each other.” – VICTORIA

“The other girls definitely supported me to take that leap of faith. I psyched myself up to do it hearing everyone say, ‘Go! You can do it, just go!’ So I was like, ‘Okay, I have to do this. I can’t let everyone down.’” – ANNE


What Jen, Anne, Rusulenni, Victoria, Keely, Kim, Enid, and Ana thought would be a day of trying on clothes and maybe stretching a bit turned out to be something they never imagined, and with that, they discovered new limits within themselves.

“I learned that I definitely can do anything I put my mind to. I went first on purpose because I know myself and I know that if I psych myself up too much, I just won’t. So, from being here, I learned that if I just do it, I can actually go all the way through it without thinking about it.” – ANNE

Today, I learned that once I do it, I’m okay. Just gotta get through that first shot and I can do it again.” – ENID

“I learned to push my limits. I think I came in here with a mental list of ‘Here are the things that I can do and here are the things that I can’t do and here are the things that I won’t do.’ And I pushed that list in a big way.” -JEN

“I got to do a lot of things that I’ve never done before or ever thought I would be doing. A lot of surprises, some tears, some laughter – actually, a lot of laughter and a lot of challenging moves today.” – KIM

“I didn’t think I could do any of the things I did today. I don’t think I’ve ever tried them and I was surprised at my athletic ability. And then the other girls too, it made me wanna push harder and try to do it, too. So I was absolutely surprised.” – RUSULENNI

“I learned that I can do things that are spontaneous and unexpected. I was willing to try, so I learned that I’m at least willing to give it a shot even if it’s something that maybe I wouldn’t necessarily seek out.” – VICTORIA

Every day you take on new challenges, big and small. Our Up For Anything Tight was designed to help you take on new and exciting things. You can learn more about them here and shop all Up For Anything Tight styles here. You never know when you’ll be surprised with an unexpected twist and asking yourself, am I #UpForAnything?

Norma Ortega

January 02, 2018 at 8:36 am

looking for new things to do, this excites me especially if I am going to test my limits, know that I am capable of doing what I never imagined, I want to do it.

Lorrie Lethco

January 02, 2018 at 9:43 am

Oh my gosh… is this aerial gym created just for this experience or is it an actual gym/place??? My daughter has been asking for exactly THIS!!! I want to take her!!

Jean-Luc Martin

January 02, 2018 at 12:28 pm

Hey Lorrie! This is San Diego Circus Center http://www.SanDiegoCircusCenter.org. There is all skill levels and we work with so many different apparatuses. Come visit us!


January 02, 2018 at 1:44 pm

Lorrie check out the San Diego Circus Center! My kids took classes there for years – they loved every high-flying minute! – and the facility has only grown since then.


January 22, 2018 at 5:21 pm

I would love to do this. Where is this gym?


March 12, 2018 at 2:20 pm

There are aerial gyms popping up all over the place now. If you’re in the RTP area of North Carolina, visit my website for the one that I teach and train at!

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