A Community of Gratitude

The end of the year, and especially the holiday season, is a powerful time to reflect on the last 365 days. There’s just so much to recognize and be thankful for. More often than not, what we’re most #GratefulFor are the people, opportunities, places, and emotions that enrich our lives every day.

Our Ambassadors lead the Athleta community in sharing what they’re giving gratitude to this season.

#GratefulFor Family

“I’m #GratefulFor Family because they make life the best kind of busy.” – Le, @fitfoodiele

#GratefulFor My Mom

‘I’m #GratefulFor My Mom because she’s been the one to show me how to live my fullest life. My mom survived smallpox as a young child, immigrated here with no family and a few hundred dollars, raised me as a single mom, and put two children through college plus law school, and somehow, she’s been able to do this all with a radiant smile. Now retired, she travels the world and dedicates much of her time to humanitarian causes and her community. She’s taught me that life is what you make of it, and that a generous spirit is paramount to finding an inner joy.” – Suleen, @sulubrious

#GratefulFor The Great Outdoors

“I’m #GratefulFor the great outdoors, because it reminds me to slow down and remember I am surrounded by living things. When I am busy I often lose my connection with nature, but, wandering out in the woods or camping immediately reminds me that I am a apart of something so much bigger than myself. Something majestic. It makes me feel more rooted in my body and is like a reset button. My wilderness mantra: When in doubt, go to the mountains and breathe.” – Kady, @big_booty_yoga

#GratefulFor Travel

“I’m #GratefulFor travel because it allows me to connect to myself and others on a deeper level. It’s an opportunity to slow down and gain a more expansive view. I love to explore new lands, customs, animals, people, oceans, and simply enjoy life! Experiences while traveling are once in a lifetime, so I savor every moment! Moments I will carry in my memory for a lifetime. Life is too short not to make it an adventure! My heart swells with gratitude and wonder when I think about continuing to see and feel the richness this world has to offer.” – Andrea, @wholebodystrength

#GratefulFor Facing Fears

“I’m #GratefulFor facing my fears because I have become a stronger person knowing nothing can hold me back and I am able to experience the world and all it has to offer.” – Alison, @ocrungirl

#GratefulFor My Practice

“I’m grateful for my practice because it’s my space to both challenge and nourish myself, to sometimes fall and fly, and to take those lessons off my mat. As a mom, a wife, a yoga teacher, and a human being I find it imperative that I fan my inner flame so I can show up as my very best in all aspects of my life. My practice helps me find more balance and the ability to enjoy the simplest things in life while trying to turn the impossible into a challenge.” – Lara, @laraliam

#GratefulFor My Community

“I’m #GratefulFor my Community, because they are my chosen family. As sisters, we show up for one another authentically and presently. We help each other succeed by empowering one another. We are able to be the women we are, because we are surrounded and held by the love and unconditional support of our amazing tribe.” – Sarah, @sarahezrinyoga

#GratefulFor Self Confidence

“I’m #GratefulFor for self confidence, because it opens me up to be my true and best self. Unapologetically loving & unconditionally giving.” – Rocky, @rockyourbest_fit

#GratefulFor Balance

“I’m #GratefulFor Balance. As humans I think we tend to move in a linear fashion – we’re either constantly doing, doing, doing one million tasks without pause or we do absolutely nothing, caught in stagnation and sometimes even laziness. I often get caught “overdoing” it even if it’s just TOO MUCH Yoga! I’m grateful for the balance between the doing and the being. I’m grateful that I’m able to teach yoga and share my passion and live my dharma every single day. I’m also grateful that I am fortunate enough to take time to meditate, shed my daily baggage and just be me. It’s important to have both – doing and being. Do your work, but take time to just be – turn off TV, put down the phone and shut your laptop. Sit, breathe and be.” – Ashley, @ashleyrufo_yoga

#GratefulFor Teamwork

“We’re #GratefulFor teamwork because together we can tackle anything from tire presses to 2-year-old tantrums. During our weekly StrongMom sweat sessions we not only encourage each other to become stronger women but we support one another through the roller coaster of motherhood. Battling ropes, potty training, burpees, breastfeeding…we’ve got your back, girl.” – Erin, @erinstrongmom

#GratefulFor Strength

“I am #gratefulfor strength as it allows me to be courageous, take risks and remain balanced even if life turns me upside down.” – Michele, @micheleklinkyoga

#GratefulFor Motherhood

“I’m #GratefulFor motherhood because my children show me what it means to live the bigger life. Before I was a mother, I lived scared. Afraid to put myself out there, terrified to take risks. But that’s not the example I want for my kids. I want them to live the bigger life. Not a life ruled by fear. My children open my mind and challenge me to rethink what I believe is true about myself – and others. Together my kids and I live the bigger life every day.” – Sarah, @sarahrbagley

#GratefulFor Nature

“I’m #GratefulFor nature because it instantly has a way of re-connecting me with my truest self. On a soul level, being outside strengthens my intuition and reminds me of who I am at my core and all that I’m capable of. I immediately gain clarity about what’s important and how lucky I am to be alive another day. Away from the noise, I feel free to be me. I feel hopeful and loved. I feel inspired and motivated. The infinite wisdom and beauty of the outdoors brings me peace, while reminding me of life’s vast possibilities.” – Ali, @ali_reti

#GratefulFor Fun

“I’m #GratefulFor FUN because it creates the conditions/opportunity for playfulness within my life. Yoga is serious, and life can be too, but the value of levity is that it allows space for creativity, innovation, and most importantly a level of peace. Call it fun, play, or a sense of humor – it is a great reliever of stress. And if we can’t laugh at ourselves, who can?” – Diti, @diti22

#GratefulFor Self-Care

“I am #GratefulFor self-care because it provides me time to focus on myself. I am able to nurture my mind, body and spirit , creating balance in my life and in a world that is quite often chaotic. It allows me to hear “me” and to re-set my intentions. It’s also fun and provides opportunities to explore new and exciting things! My self-care time is precious, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world because it gives me permission to become a better friend to me!” – Lauren, @bodybybuckner

#GratefulFor Pausing

“I’m #GratefulFor pausing because it allows me the peace of mind to truly connect with myself and, in turn, be present in my relationships with others.” – Shanna, @shannatyler_

#GratefulFor Moments Of Calm

“I’m #GratefulFor moments of calm because they are few and far between. Juggling life, relationships, children, work, family responsibilities and so on leave little time for calm these days. I relish in the opportunity to be truly present and to have moments when all the distractions seem to slip away. There’s no greater joy than experiencing life through the eyes of my children. New experiences are met with excitement. New relationships are created without judgement or expectation. What’s really important becomes crystal clear. I breathe, take it all in and come back to my essence once again!” – Jessica, @starflyyogi

#GratefulFor Health

“I’m #GratefulFor food because food is my FUEL! It has carried me through marathon training runs, grueling gym sessions, and long 12 hour shifts at work. After running 6 full marathons in the past two years, I have become a strong believer in the importance of refueling myself properly with the right amount of carbs, protein, and healthy fat to help with my body’s recovery process. I really enjoy sharing with my followers that you can make fun recipes in the kitchen and still achieve your goals in the gym and training.” – Becky, @becks_liveshealthy

#GratefulFor Food

“I’m #GratefulFor frozen yogurt and ice cream special treats.” – Grace, @gracelingyu

#GratefulFor Work

“I’m #GratefulFor my work and that everyday I get to encourage woman to be their strongest selves” – Anastacia, @ana_danza

#GratefulFor Community

“I’m #GratefulFor community. In the past few years I’ve gained a community and family of young girls through coaching for Girls on the Run, been empowered by strong, amazing women through taking class and teaching at FORME studios and been uplifted and centered by friends in the yoga community. The countless cheers and high-fives and infinite support have not only allowed me to “fill my cup” and grow, but also allowed me to give back and support the community in so many ways.” – Francine, @fitlifewithfran

#GratefulFor Laughter

“I’m #GratefulFor laughter because there truly is no greater stress reliever. When I’m laughing, everything feels like it will be okay.” – Krista, @wukkout

#GratefulFor A Wide Open Heart

“I’m #GratefulFor a wide open heart, a sparkle in my eye and a constant drive to keep searching, to keep trying and to keep going! I’m willing to grow and evolve and see where my path takes me.” – Vanessa, @thevanessavaughn

#GratefulFor The Small Things

“I’m #GratefulFor the small things. A body that bounces back from injury. A heart that recovers from hurt . A peaceful place to rest my head at night. A yard my dogs can play in. And a love that makes me better.” – Lorena, @lore007

#GratefulFor My Body

“I’m #GratefulFor the body I have. My body might have a few scars, an occasional stiff joint or knee, it might even have a disease, but despite all of these things, my body is still strong and I am so very grateful for it.” – Kim, @kim.bubblesacademy

#GratefulFor My Struggles

“I’m #GratefulFor my struggles. Strength is built in the hearts and minds of those who endure the fire, and come out the other side ready to to fight instead of withering or giving upNow to make the outside match what’s on the inside with daily action, daily strength exercises, and play” – Brook, @brookiechi

#GratefulFor Abundance In My Life

“I’m #GratefulFor all the abundance in my life. It’s easy to forget about all the blessings I have in my life especially when the voice of fear and doubt come into play. That voice tends to tell the story of what else is lacking in my life. I’ve learned to be aware of when that voice is speaking and to establish that it’s not really me. That’s when I become grateful for the gift of awareness. This awareness has given me the ability to truly evolve and become the better version of myself as well as always keeping an open mind. It’s given me the ability to respect, understand and most importantly LOVE everyone more.I hope to share this ability with family, friends and anyone around me.” – Kristel, @kristelmonti

#GratefulFor Love, Joy And Happiness

“I’m #GratefulFor the abundance of love, joy, and happiness I have in my life. I believe in my heart that when you feel abundant, joyful, happy, and beyond that energy is shared with the world and it comes back to your life ten fold. Everyday I stand with gratitude with my heart out ready to FLY!” – Sydney, @sydneybenner

#GratefulFor Travel And Adventure

“I’m #GratefulFor travel & adventure through this beautiful country! I visited California this fall and am so thankful to live in a beautiful place.” – Monica, @monicasalafia.rd

#GratefulFor Motivation

“I’m #GratefulFor having the incredible opportunity to motivate and inspire women every day to push past their comfort zones, all while learning to listen to the wisdom of their bodies. It lights me up like nothing else, and is a constant reminder of the limitless potential of the #powerofshe.” – Shannon, @shannon.werner

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Marisa LaValette

December 13, 2017 at 9:06 am

I love today’s blog post! Way to go Athleta! It is fun to see familiar faces of Bay Area ambassadors along with getting to see who the other ambassadors are from other regions! As the year wraps up, thank you for sharing this wide array of things we can be grateful for! Thank you for always being a platform that showcases women’s shared experiences and values.


December 13, 2017 at 2:49 pm

Enjoyed reading through each of these! Athleta truly has the BEST ambassadors; I am so honored to be apart.

Ranata Holliman

December 24, 2017 at 2:36 pm

Love thes responses so inspiring!!

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