Behind The Scenes in Scotland and the UK: Winter 2017

Rolling hills, blue (and grey) skies, furry cows, cobblestone streets, a little rain, and interesting architecture. Those are just a couple of words we would use to describe our time in the U.K. during our Winter 2017 photo shoot. We’re #gratefulfor our time spent on these amazing island of Great Britain. Read below to learn more about our adventures over the pond.


Scotland’s Isle of Skye is made of a series of peninsulas radiating from a mountainous center. The island’s unique formation creates sweeping views of dramatic rocky cliffs surrounded by water. This majestic land made for the ideal first stop for our winter catalog shoot.

With the sound of bagpipes playing in the distance, our crew checked into their accommodations—tiny countryside cottages—and headed outside to enjoy the extended daylight hours, where the sun didn’t set until 11 pm.

As if the landscape isn’t enchanting enough, there’s a firm belief the isle is inhabited by magical fairies. In The Fairy Glen, the crew followed a bumpy road around miniature grassy hills, tiny ponds, and scattered waterfalls to spiral mazes made of rocks said to bring good luck to anyone who follows the path.

From the rocky scape of The Fairy Glen, our crew headed toward something a little softer—the Isle of Skye’s famous and furry Highland cows and ponies. After setting up their equipment on an organic farm, the team found themselves herding cattle, pigs, and horses to get the perfect shot.


From there, our crews hopped into their vans and headed to the nearly 200-year-old Victoria Street in Edinburgh. With its curving cobblestone streets and colorful storefronts, the crew couldn’t resist pulling out the camera to capture the time-traveled mood of this historic district.


The last stop took the crew over 400 miles south to London, where they watched double-decker buses whizz by and grabbed some midnight shots in front of Big Ben and the London Eye. After a good night’s rest (and maybe a little sleeping in), it was over to the Siobhan Davies Dance Studio, housed in a structure built by award-winning architects who worked with the existing building’s layout to create a main studio on the roof, allowing dancers to practice high above the city.

Our dancers of all different ages were led by Cathy Martson, a British choreographer and dancer, who lead our team through routine after routine, capturing beautiful movement in the stunning space.

We couldn’t leave without getting an epic shots of the London Eye. A late-night shoot on the Westminster Bridge over the River Thames was in-store for our crew and models, to make sure we got the London skyline lit up for all to see.

Have you been to the UK? Tell us your favorite memories in the comments below and see more stunning photos from our shoot in our winter catalog.

Janet Doane

November 26, 2017 at 8:37 am

Great post, and it makes me really want to go to the Isle of Skye! So inspiring!

Julianna Kohler

November 29, 2017 at 1:20 pm

I love these behind the scenes posts! I went to Scotland when I was little (11, maybe?) and loved it! Now for Athleta to make highland dance gear…. 🙂

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