Sculpt with SISSFiT: Total Body Legs Workout

Remember the childhood joys of jump roping on the playground? “Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack… All dressed in black, black, black …” Sisters Lauren and Kelly from SISSFiT are bringing back that same fun in workout form with another 20-minute total body workout. Grab a jump rope if you have one, or just prepare yourself to jump around with this legs-focused sweat session.

Total Body Legs-Focused Workout

• 2:00 warm-up
• 4 rounds
• 1:00 for exercises 1,3,5 and :30 for exercises 2,4,6


Follow along with Lauren and Kelly as they guide you through the warm-up and one round of the six exercises.

1. 30 seconds – High Knees

a. Staying on the balls of your feet, jog in place lifting your knees to hip height

2. 30 seconds – Butt Kicks

a. Staying on the balls of your feet, jog in place kicking your heels back to meet your glutes

3. 30 seconds – Jumping Jacks

a. Jump your feet out wide as you swing your arms overhead
b. Lower your arms back to your sides as you jump your feet back together

4. 30 seconds – Cross Jacks

a. Jump your right foot in front of your left foot as you cross your left arm over your right arm
b. Repeat with your opposite foot/arm placement and continue to alternate

Workout Breakdowns

Watch the GIFs and read the descriptions for step-by-step guidance on each workout move.

1. Plank Walk-out + Push-up (1:00)

a. Begin in a forward fold position, walk your hands out to a high plank position
b. Perform a push-up (kneeling push-up if necessary)
c. Walk your hands back to your feet until you feel a light stretch in your hamstrings
d. Repeat

2. Plank Jacks (:30)

a. Begin in a high plank position
b. Jump feet out wide and back in
c. Repeat

3. Sliding Side Lunges (1:00)

a. Begin standing with your legs in a wide stance.
b. With your feet facing forward and planted, lunge to one side keeping a proud chest and your weight in your heels.
c. Press back through center and lunge to the other side.
d. Repeat

4. Squat Jacks (:30)

a. Begin by jumping your feet out wide and landing in a low squat.
b. Jump your feet back together to a standing position.
c. Repeat

5. Jump Rope (1:00)

a. Jump rope at a moderate pace, staying light on your toes.

6. Lunge Jump + Squat Jumps (:30)

a. Begin by performing a reverse lunge on one leg.
b. Jump out of the lunge and land in a low squat.
c. Jump out of the squat and send your opposite foot back into a reverse lunge.
d. Jump out of the lunge and land in a low squat
e. Repeat


Are your glutes burning? Keep your heart rate up! Get more 20-minutes or less workouts with these other posts and work even more muscle groups. Follow these ladies on Youtube and Instagram for more fun and inspirational workout tips.

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