Athleta Celebrates Day of the Girl

Day of the Girl is a youth-led movement making sure girls around the world have a voice so they can help influence social change and youth rights.

Athleta has always been committed to igniting a community of active, healthy, and confident women and girls who empower each other to realize their limitless potential. We believe that girls are our future and we know the tremendous influence mothers have on their children.

In honor of Day of the Girl, moms here at Athleta shared how they instill these values in their own Athleta Girls. Below, read how they inspire their daughters to be healthy and confident; how they encourage them to be brave, kind, and active; and how they guide their girls to stay true to themselves and dream crazy big.

“I believe that as a mother and parent, I have to lead by example. Even though my daughter is only one, it’s never too early to start teaching her to be brave and strong. I encourage her to laugh, cry, fall, dance and to always try new things like different foods, activities, and taking her to different places. Adela loves being outdoors! Ever since she was a baby we’d take her on hikes and now it never fails she’ll bring home some leaves or flowers. It’s truly amazing how smart and present babies are. As much as daughters can learn from their mothers, I think mothers learn just as much from their daughters. With love and encouragement, I know Adela will grow up to be a confident and compassionate girl.”
-Liza Munoz, Athleta Finance

“My four-year-old daughter has always been shy and cautious, hesitant to try new things, especially without her twin brother around, so we talk about how it’s okay to be shy when trying something new or meeting new friends. She’ll tell me, “Maybe I’ll be a little bit shy,” and I reply, “It’s okay to be shy. Just don’t let it keep you from doing something you really want to do”. The best times are when she lets loose and gets into whatever she’s doing, pushing herself into joy and confidence. Often, after she’s gotten up the courage to try a new experience or overcome an obstacle, she’ll come to me with a big grin, full of pride, and say, “Mama! I was BRAVE!”
-Diana Goy, Athleta HR

“I am struck by how brave and confident my five-year-old is by nature – If I tell her she is strong, she says “I know!” I feel like one of my most important jobs is to try to protect and preserve that confidence. I tell her she’s amazing and I tell her why. I ask her opinion. I listen. I laugh at my own mistakes with her so she can remember to laugh at hers. I try to create a safe space for her to try things – even if she’s not able to get it the first time…
Children learn through experience and example. I love to get outside and to be active with my daughter. Sometimes the prep for a hike seems twice as long as the actual hike, but it’s worth it! She loves to “teach” me yoga – her flexibility is awe-inspiring! The more I think about it, the more I realize she inspires me to be healthy and confident, brave, kind, and adventurous!”
-Kate Flannery, Athleta PR

“As a mom to two girls, I try to show them how to be brave and adventurous by being that way myself. Last week I dug a junky, old skateboard of our garage that the previous homeowners had left behind. And I joined my 9 y.o. daughter as she was practicing with her new skateboard on the street in front of our house. Sure enough, at one point my board went out from under me and I landed with a thud on my butt and elbow. My inclination was to call it a day at that point. But instead, I brushed myself off and got back on the board. My daughter talked about that all weekend.”
-Suzanne Boutilier, Athleta Editorial

“Ever since Amy was little we encouraged her to try lots of activities and sports. She found her passion in soccer and really excelled in the sport. In addition to confidence she gained playing soccer she has made lasting friendships, has a strong work ethic and learned time management skills. Now as an adult Amy is inspiring me in the goals she sets for herself and what she has accomplished already. I am so proud of my daughter!”
-Leslie Ferrick, Athleta Sourcing Dept.

“I take them on lots of outdoor adventures and play sports with them! I try to act that way myself, set clear expectations with them and give lots of positive reinforcement (aka – ice cream!) when they really go above and beyond! I try to expose them to lots of new activities and experiences to see what they’re most passionate about – then support them to do the very best they can in that!”
-Sheila Shekar, Athleta Brand Marketing

“I think like most mothers I inspire my daughter by example. I am always working to strive to be my best self but also try to make new adventures & activities fun & not about being perfect. My daughter tends to want to be perfect right from the start of any new activity – swimming, gymnastics, soccer, dancing you name it. But it’s not about being perfect! It’s about having fun & finding what brings you joy. That’s where bravery comes in because sometimes it’s stepping outside your comfort zone and trying new things…even when you may not be good at it.”
-Amy Ryan, Senior Director, Athleta Omni Merchandising

“As a mother, I inspire my daughters to be healthy and confident by leading by example. Exercise and eating right are part of my routine which in turn is part of their leading to a healthy mind and body. I encourage my daughters to be brave by breaking down what is intimating her into smaller less intimidating pieces; and reminding her that with each obstacle she overcomes, the more confidence she will have to take on life. I guide my girls to dream crazy big by supporting their passions in sports and singing and reminding them they don’t have to be the best, but they have to be determined and follow through on what they start.”
-Monica Thompson, Athleta Product Sample Coordinator Lead

The organizers of Day of the Girl say, “October 11 is not just a day; it’s a movement. A worldwide revolution. We want ourselves, and girls everywhere, to be seen as equals, in the eyes of others and in our own eyes.” Here’s to the women and girls around the world encouraging each other to reach their full potential.

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