Meet Athleta Ambassador: Tatiana Hoover

Athleta Ambassador Tatiana Hoover co-founded fitness and nutrition movement Liftologie to show women how strong and capable they are through weight training. Below, she talks about running a company while raising three kids, and how setting an intention in the mornings helps positively shape her day.

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Your days are go, go, go! When do you give yourself Permission to Pause and what does that quiet time look like for you?

My days are really busy but I couldn’t get through them unless I also found a way to quiet the noise for a few minutes every day. Long baths and trips to the mani-pedi salon are my biggest splurges, but not an everyday experience, so what I rely on is a practice I call Intention Setting. It’s taking a moment after I exercise (when my body is filled with feel-good endorphins) to think about what I want to work on in my life. It could be a relationship or a career goal. Sometimes it’s something sticky and uncomfortable that I need to address but it can also be something beautiful that I want to feel gratitude for and savor (like when I got to shoot the campaign with Athleta!). Whatever it is, I focus on it, throw all my positivity toward it and imagine the best of all possible outcomes.

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What does an actual “day-in-the-life” look like for you?

I wake up most weekday mornings at 6:15, get the kids out of bed, dressed and fed (frozen raspberry Greek Yogurt smoothies or whole grain toast with cream cheese). I walk the younger one to school (the two older ones go on a city bus on their own), maybe chat with some of my mom friends and then head to the gym. I just got my personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine so I can teach classes on my own and take on private clients. Afternoons are filled with meetings or working on content for our website or for another site or magazine I’ve been hired to write for.

My favorite time of day though is reading to my seven-year-old before bed. Sometimes I can convince my daughter to brush my hair while I read. Heaven is when we are all piled onto one bed laughing at a book I’m reading.

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You co-founded Liftologie. For those of us that don’t know, tell us a little bit about what it is, and where the inspiration came from.

Liftologie is really about empowering women through nutrition and fitness. We believe that heavy weight training is the most effective way to not only reshape the female body but to teach women how strong and capable they really are. The nutritional plan is a whole-foods based approach to fueling your body in a pleasurable way. Women are often afraid to lift weights because they don’t want to get big and bulky, so they do cardio to make themselves smaller and starve themselves in hopes of shrinking themselves into nothing—at least that seems to be the goal. What I do is the opposite. I don’t want to make less of you, I want to make more. Build you up. I say, don’t be afraid to take up more oxygen and own your space, own your power.

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Before Liftologie you were the lifestyle editor at Self magazine. It’s one thing to work out, it’s a whole other thing to write about it. Where did your love for fitness writing come from?

I loved reading as a kid. My two escapes were books and athletics. We were on the road a lot when I swam competitively and on those long car trips, I read. Later, I ran instead of swam but I spent a lot of time on trails or tracks and in my head, thinking about the books I was reading, thinking about big ideas. Beyond that, I guess I’ve always just wanted to make the world a better place by either making people laugh or feel connected and understood or maybe even inspired or empowered with information. You can do all of that with writing.

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Your Instagram features a ton of delicious food shots. What are a few of your easy, go-to, on-the-go recipes?

I cook really simply. I love to spend a Sunday following ten steps out of a cookbook, but when I’m just cooking for me and my kids, I go simple, fast and healthy. I roast skinless chicken thighs in the oven with a jalapeño honey I make at home or I sear steak or pork chops on the oven top. I also make a lot of salmon, cod, and halibut sautéed and then broiled in coconut oil with cumin, curry or crushed red pepper. The Latina in me craves rice and beans as comfort foods and it turns out that together rice and beans are a perfect protein, so when I feel I need a little extra TLC I make my grandmother’s black bean recipe and a pot of brown rice and eat that with some avocado and salad.

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You’re based in Manhattan. Does the city and its unique culture influence your approach to fitness/working out?

What I love most about New York is the energy! You can’t help but vibe off the fast-paced lifestyle where everyone is so motivated to make big things happen. There’s been almost a wellness revolution here in the last decade. The demand for fitness programs has helped propel the industry and launch businesses that are transforming the way people work out or think about their workouts. That kind of innovation is inspiring. Best of all, I love how open people are to the new and next. It’s that super positive, accepting, be-who-you-are-and-be-great energy that just makes me love the city more and more every year I live here.

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Tatiana became a personal trainer and fitness model at age 40 and wants other women to know “it’s never too late to reconnect with the athlete you once were or discover the athlete that’s been living inside you all along.” She says she believes in the power of she, but also the power of we. “Women helping women to grow, rise, soar!” She encourages all women to believe in yourself that change is possible.

Want to stay in touch with Tatiana? Follow her along on Facebook and Instagram and learn more about Liftologie here.

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