Going Beyond Mom

Born out of her popular website Beyond Mom, Athleta Ambassador Randi Zinn has written a new book for mothers looking to jump-start their business ideas by finding a connection from within. Below, she talks about her inspiration for the book, and gives tips on how you can surround yourself with an empowered community and harness its power to bring your ideas and projects to life.


There are certain moments that as a woman, a creator, and hopeful human working for the betterment of the world, feel monumental. This month, I’m releasing my first book, a dream I’ve had since as long as I can remember. For years, I didn’t know what my book would be about, but as I built my business and connected with hundreds of mothers working steadily on building their dreams and families simultaneously,

I knew I’d found what I would write about.

People often ask me how I managed to write this book in the midst of raising my kids, growing a business, and everything else. I could respond with tips on time management strategies, and how to cultivate “me time” to feel fulfilled and empowered enough to be productive.


But when I dig deep as to why this project really took off, I realize that it’s because of the Power of She.


My book, Going Beyond Mom: How to Activate Your Mind, Body, and Business After Baby, was not only inspired by the determination of the women I’ve met but also born from the support and contributions of the women in my life. It’s a true SHE driven creation.


The book is filled with the words of women who are experts in creating a community-filled, female-empowered life.

I know their words will impact readers, and I’m so grateful for the way they have graced the pages with their years of experience. What I talk about in my book is how to surround yourself with an empowered community and harness its power to bring your ideas and projects to life. Use the women in your life as inspiration, as fuel to your power, and give to them in turn.

We can’t and shouldn’t do this all alone!

Here are a few of my top tips to empower your female-driven community:

1. Connect with like-minded women and share your dreams with them.

I wasn’t clear about my business idea or this book idea for some time, but I had budding thoughts. I shared them with women I knew, whom I respected, and received great feedback and support. Ask friends to introduce you to other friends who might be able to help, attend events in your area designed for creative women or active women or whatever fits what you’re trying to build.

2. Talk about your idea.

They say that women don’t own their ideas enough – let’s change that. Even if your idea is not entirely developed, share your passion with the world and especially other women who want to support you. The more you talk about it, the more you and others will believe in it.

3. Support brands that support women.

This affects the bigger picture of how women are recognized on a national and global level. This is why I love being an Athleta Ambassador – I get to give my time to a company whose brand matches my principles.

4. Show up for yourself.

It’s true that what you give comes back to you ten-fold. If you believe in yourself, in your limitless potential, you will be recognized and supported by the women in your life. It’s a beautiful thing to watch your positivity and your belief in your projects inspire those around you.

5. Summon the women in your life.

Ask for their support and give yours. See what happens. Trust me; it will be magical.

Click here to learn more about and to purchase Randi’s book, Going Beyond Mom: How to Activate Your Mind, Body, and Business After Baby.

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