Permission to Pause

From work, to workouts, to catching up with friends and family, to running errands, we are go, go, go. It’s time to give our bodies and souls the rest and recovery we need. So let’s seek more from life by taking away some of the busy and replacing it with more calm. Let’s cultivate space for mindfulness so we can celebrate and connect to everything we are.

Experience Restore

This fall, we’re giving you Permission to Pause. Experience moments of mindfulness, rest, and recovery, with Restore. Drape yourself in a Beyond Soft Studio Wrap for meditation, or relax after your workout cool down in a pair of lightweight Restore Joggers.

All pieces are created from sustainable fabrics and made to inspire calm. You can shop them all here.


7 Days of Mindfulness Content on the Chi Blog

To give you all the tools you need to find moments of Pause, we’re sharing 7 days of mindfulness tips from experts on unplugging, eating healthy, positive mantras, and more. Be sure to check back daily for new content.

Give Meditation a Try with Unplug

We invite you to give meditation a try, too. We’ve partnered with Unplug Meditation to provide you beginner meditations featured on the Chi Blog, as well as an offer to experience their Unplug Meditation App at 50% off using code ATHLETA (offer available 8/1/17-8/31/17).

Join Us In-Store

From Wednesday August 9th, to Sunday August 13th, we invite you in-store to join us and give yourself Permission to Pause with guided meditation sessions and more. Find exact dates + times of your closest store event here.

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