Athleta Adventure to Mexico

Remember the contest we held to win a trip to Baja, Mexico? Here’s what happened: Three winners and their lucky guests traveled from all over the US to go on an Athleta adventure of a lifetime! Our amazing sponsor, Polygiene hosted a magical trip, along with Colleen Cannon of Women’s Quest who led this 5-day adventure. Katie, our fabulous marketing team member, shares her experience with everyone there.

We stayed at Los Colibris Casitas in Todos Santos for the first 2 nights of the trip. This gorgeous property had breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, cacti-filled hills, an infinity pool, hot tub, an ocean view yoga deck and beautiful accommodations with traditional Baja décor (think vibrant colors and unique cultural details). We were greeted with fresh salsas, guacamole, homemade chips, fresh squeezed tropical juices that were all delicious! Colleen led us through some fun games and activities to acquaint each other and share where we all came from.

Everyone was exhausted from the long day of travel, so we had a relaxing dinner at the nearby restaurant, La Casita, for delicious farm-to-table meals with local flair.  As we got to know each other, we quickly realized that despite the spectrum of ages, we were all so excited and felt very lucky to be in Baja California with our fearless leader, Colleen.


After dinner, we headed back to our beautiful casitas to enjoy a dip in the pool under the moonlight and star-filled sky. Colleen asked us to take a candle to set our intention for our journey ahead and share it one-by-one.

The common theme was to take time to reconnect with ourselves.

After seeing multiple shooting stars and hearing Colleen speak of her intention of Women’s Quest, “To bring women together in a supportive, positive environment where they could feel empowered and close to the earth, that they would wake up and think about the effect we all have on the world around us.” we all knew we were in for a very spectacular adventure.

The next day began with an early start at 7am to “Awaken the Senses” with Gyrokinesis Yoga. Our private chef cooked us a fantastic breakfast where we ate family style at their dining area, adjacent to the open kitchen for a real “home” feel.

It was incredible to have the entire Casitas Residence all to ourselves and have that kind of attention from the staff, who were all so wonderful.

Later that day, our phenomenal guides took us all together to a nearby beach where we all got to boogie board and learn how to surf.


We were extremely proud that everyone was able to get up on their boards.

We had a delicious Mexican picnic-lunch on the beach prepared by our private chef, then got ready to explore the local town.

We went shopping, got ice cream, and participated in a traditional Mexican cooking class.


We learned how to make guacamole, fry chips, make Baja margaritas, and prepare a wonderful meal of grilled peppers stuffed with smoked marlin. After dinner, the hot tub and star gazing completed our perfect day.

The remainder of our trip was on Isla Espiritu at Camp Cecil, where we were the only people there.

Six tents on a strip of sand, surrounded by ocean and hills of cactus, was our home for the next 2 days.

It was hot, but having the ability to jump in to cool off in the water and see all the marine life in the Sea of Cortez was spectacular.

Some other activities the ladies got to do were stand up paddle boarding, snorkeling, and swimming with a sea lion colony.

We were spoiled with breakfast, lunch, happy hour treats, coursed dinners and desserts. All the food was made with so much love, from scratch, and was truly delectable.

Glamping on the island was magical not only for all of the wildlife we got to see, but for being able to disconnect and getting to know each other. Since there wasn’t any service on the island, we sat around every night and just talked.

No cell phones, no distractions with media, just us and nature in its most raw form.

We became one with the earth and had the time to sit back and appreciate it to the fullest.

We saw all kinds of beautiful fish during our snorkeling adventure. We got to swim with sea lions and float above thousands of manta rays. We even got to watch a pod of Bryde’s whales in our boat, witness a school of fish jumping out of the water, and a rooster fish jumping up to eat.

Every night was a magical sunset with wonderful company and conversations. And every day was a beautiful dream, surrounded by smiling faces and gorgeous sand, ocean and nature.

By the end of our trip, we all agreed that we had the most phenomenal time together.

On the last night, as we gathered around and talked about what we appreciated about each other, after knowing each other merely 5 days, and how we had helped each other, and given each other strength to try things we’d never done before, regardless of where we were from, our ages range from 24-60, or what our interests may be, we all have the same fears, same dreams, and same happiness while in nature.

Through our bond together, we were able to realize our intentions to reconnect with ourselves.

It reminded me of something very dear to my own heart in the company I work for, here at Athleta. As we sat around together I told these women how beautiful it was that we had shared this journey with complete strangers and how spectacular the result was. I told them that I couldn’t say much to summarize eloquently, except for it being a perfect picture of Power of She- alone we are strong, united we thrive.

Tears were not lacking during our departure from the island and each other- not for sadness, but for happiness of everything we shared together, and what we discovered about ourselves during this adventure.

We are fearless women who can achieve anything we set our minds to.

Learn more about our winners and their journey to Discovering the Power of She.

Photography by Keenan Shoal


July 27, 2017 at 8:39 am

A wonderful review of your truly magical and inspiring time in Todos Santos and on Camp Cecil. I have experienced both locations and found the times there to be relaxing, rejuvenating and magical.

Marian S Greenfield

July 28, 2017 at 11:13 am

Love this post about our amazing adventure! Thank you sooooo much Polygiene and Athleta! And extra special thanks to Colleen Cannon of Women’s Quest for organizing such a great trip and being such an inspiration!

Rafael Moreno Valle

August 28, 2017 at 10:36 pm

Great post about our marvelous adventure! Thank you so much for Polygene and Athlete!

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