Athleta Ambassadors Celebrate Yoga Day

Happy International Yoga Day! Today on the blog, see how our Athleta Ambassadors are celebrating and what yoga means to them across the country.

“Yoga has taught me that no mountain is too high to climb and that as long as we stay grounded, we can reach for anything.” -Sarah Ezrin

“Yoga has been my best friend…it has been there as I have pushed through several transitions in my life, always embracing me and allowing me to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Through it all yoga has unlocked my gladiator spirit, a strong woman ready to stand monumental!” -Lauren Buckner

“There is always enough time to stop, ground, and take in beauty and the goodness of the world. Thank you, Yoga, for the unwavering invitation to be present, kind, and empowered in this beautiful world we share.” -Erin Cookston

“The world as a whole could use more love. Namasté.” -Melanie Becker


“Yoga helps to tap into our unique inner strength and for me that has created an entirely new empowered life!” -Wendy Crichton



“We run from place to place, class to class, moment to moment. Yoga gives me a chance to breathe, to own my space. A chance to take a moment to reconnect with my center.” -Nicole Kinzel


 “Yoga centers my soul and water lifts my spirit.” -Kim Schiefelbein



“My yoga practice supports my everyday living, from keeping me strong to keep up with my little girls, to teaching me the importance of balance between working hard and taking time for rest, to giving me endless peace as I practice breathing calmly both on and off my mat.  Today I celebrate International Yoga Day in my beautiful hometown of Marin with so much gratitude in my heart.” -Grace Yu

 “Yoga has completely helped me express living my truth, my strengths, my vulnerabilities, love and gratitude. With my truth, I hope to help others live a healthy and happy life.” -Lili Daniel



 “Yoga is beyond a physical workout for me. It creates a spiritual healing space to connect closer to my divinity.  It allows me to focus on my breath and truly become present within the moment. Yoga has created a life changing chapter in my life as well as helping me stay centered and balanced within.” -Kristel Monti


“I love yoga because it helps me find peace and stillness in the everyday chaos of to-do lists, responsibilities and the things that are out of my control. Everyday I set aside at least 15 minutes to breathe and do a few yoga stretches which helps me focus, connect to my breath and clear my mind.” -Francine Labiran


 “Yoga is key to recovery not only for the body but for your mind!” -Abigail Manzoni



 “Yoga is important to me because it forces me to slow down and connect fully and completely with myself in the moment. I always come off my mat feeling more ‘me’ than when I stepped on. And for that, I am eternally grateful.” -Meagan Bertoni



 “Yoga represents strength and courage in such a peaceful, meaningful way for me… as I live each day being a positive warrior… getting to my mat and teaching yoga to others helps me overcome the obstacles I face and celebrate all of the beautiful moments I encounter in life.” -Madison Jacobs



 “Yoga – a way of life. With this practice, we stay connected to mind and body and in turn each other. When we are well and we stay connected, we thrive to our limitless potential.” -Andrea Cadena



“Yoga is important to me for the joy of creativity, soothing my mind and calming my heart.” -Jen Dapper


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June 21, 2017 at 3:37 pm

what a beautiful, inspirational challenge! happy to have participated with you lovely ambassadors!

Team Athleta

June 23, 2017 at 2:31 pm

We love working with our Ambassadors! Thanks for sharing!

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