Yoga Twinning on Best Friend’s Day

To celebrate National Best Friend’s Day (6/8) we caught up with Emily and Georgia, aka KC Yoga Twins, from Kansas City, Missouri. These ladies met in yoga class one year ago and have been best friends since. Read more to learn about their story and how they take partner yoga to a new level.

You could call the way we met serendipitous.

We had taken a yoga class where we casually introduced ourselves and chatted about our love for teaching and practicing yoga. A few weeks later, we ran into each other at a local yoga festival and realized we shared more than just our common interest for yoga. We began to practice acroyoga together 1-2x a week and throughout that thrill and excitement, a trusting friendship was built between us.


Acroyoga allowed us to overcome our fears and try new things.

One of the biggest challenges with acroyoga is fear – fear of falling, injuring yourself, or injuring your partner – and sometimes this fear blocks the mind from comprehending the beauty of the practice as well as body mechanics.


Emily: When Tim, our acro-yoga guru, and Georgia started playing around with counter balances, I stood back not willing to base or fly. I did not fully comprehend the aspect of counter balancing, which made me fearful. With practice, strength and trust between Georgia and myself began to build. My mind and my heart opened to this exhilarating concept of physically supporting each other allowing us to accomplish the magic of counter balancing.

This art form takes consistent practice, repeated failures, and the determination to love your practice and yourself enough to keep going.

Learning to trust ourselves first is symbolic to our practice and our lives. Once we find the strength within, we are more willing to trust those around us. We are able to try new things; we are able to fall and know that we have what it takes to get back up and try again. We are not yogis 100% of the time, but we make time to practice every week.

Since it takes two to acro, we count on one another to be there.


Our acro-practice keeps us moving forward, helping us grow and achieve new goals, not only with each other but also outside of yoga. It allows us to lose ourselves in our breath, our movements, and into accomplishing something greater resulting in elevated spirits.

Our friendship and our strong bond is due to our similarities and differences.

Georgia: Emily and I share the fact we are both introverted. It takes time for us to make friends, but when we do, the friendship is long lasting. I am naturally a “thinker” and Emily is a “feeler”. Our different personality traits complement one another which is one of the reasons we connect so well.

Our teacher, Tim, taught us early on to respect boundaries with one another while honoring our own at the same time. Part of this is being on the same page. Before we begin our practices, we usually take about 30 minutes to chat and catch up. This time allows us to decompress and clear our minds so that we can fully focus on our breath and movements while practicing. It is important to us that we come into practice with positive energy.

Our end goal is to carry that energy throughout our everyday lives. Through the ups and downs, we are each other’s support.

Tips for acroyoga beginners

  1. Find a friend! Partner with someone you trust who shares strong similarities and complimenting differences.
  2. Find inspiration. The majority of our inspiration comes from yogis on Instagram. The yoga community is very welcoming and open when it comes to sharing tips and tricks.
  3. Be ready to experience a new kind of strength physically and mentally.


Follow the KC Yoga Twins on their acroyoga journey through Facebook or Instagram!

Photos by Kenny Johnson Photography

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