Behind the Scenes in Hawaii: Summer 2017

Meet some of the talent behind the Athleta Summer 2017 Photoshoot in Hawaii: Britt Loren is a fitness model, Chantae McMilan is an Olympian Heptathlete, Bailey Nagy is professional surfer, and Meagan Martin is a Ninja Warrior.


Hawaii is one of the most popular destinations best known for it’s perfect weather and beautiful beaches, making it the perfect setting to shoot our Summer 2017 Photoshoot. Our team landed in the gorgeous island of Kauai and a few of our models shared what their experience was like on set!

What was your highlight in Hawaii?

Britt: My highlight from Hawaii was hiking the 6 mile hike along the Na pali Coast. The views were so breathtaking and shooting with the camera in a helicopter hovering near us, made me feel like I was in an action film! I learned a lot about the other models and crew during the hike, and we also saw so many rainbows. Over all, just a perfect day!

Chantae: My highlight was hiking the Na Pali coastline and meeting and working with amazing people!

Bailey: The major highlight from the Athleta trip was the boat ride at the end, where we sat on longboards watching the incredible sunset out at sea! It was pretty amazing!

Meagan: I think that my highlight from Hawaii was probably repelling down the waterfall a dozen times! Since I’m a climber I’ve repelled many times, but never in a waterfall, so that was a pretty cool experience!

How do you stay focused under pressure?

Britt: I stay focused under pressure, by reminding myself that the only thing that is real, is NOW. The past is over, and the future hasn’t happened, so worrying about the future, and past is futile! I also meditate the second I begin to feel anxious, so that I’m centered, and can perform at an optimal level!

Chantae: I stay focused under pressure by remembering I am prepared for my situation and my plan has already been written!

BaileyBeing a professional athlete I face a lot of pressure. The easiest way for me to stay focused under pressure is by listening to music and knowing the ability I have inside of me.

Meagan: I find that the easiest way for me to stay focused under pressure is to find the balance between being serious and having fun! My goal is always to have a good time and keep it light, but there is a necessary seriousness that is needed to succeed.

What are your travel essentials?

Britt: My travel essentials are sunblock/sunscreen, my Go Pro Hero camera, bronzer, mascara and lipgloss (I usually only pack those 3 makeup items when I’m traveling so that if I have a nice dinner, I don’t feel so bare faced, and I can feel pulled together, without much effort).

Chantae: Travel essentials right now are my Chacos, a book, and snacks! Sunglasses too!

Bailey: My travel essentials include bikinis, boards, SunBum sunscreen, of course way too many sarongs (pareos)…… oh and peanut butter ha ha!

MeaganI’m such an over packer but I’ll try to just pick a few things. Wet ones are a MUST! Lip balm is something I can’t seem to live without and I can’t sleep without my eye mask. I’m a gum chewer so I always have to have a fresh pack —  and water, water, water!!! I always need a bottle!

What do you love most about Athleta?

Britt: What I love most about Athleta is the celebration of the power of women, in all shapes, sizes and colors.  Most brands will only work with models who are in their early 20’s the so called “physical prime” of life. There is none of that discrimination with Athleta. I also love that Athleta promotes self care, self love, healthy mindsets, and sustainability for the environment! Take care of your body, soul, and take care of our planet. That’s something we should all get behind!

Chantae: I love the colors and patterns Athleta uses for their clothing!

Bailey: I love everything about Athleta! I really enjoy that they are a company who shows the true beauty every girl has. Athleta makes every girl feel beautiful inside and out with their product!

Meagan:  I think what I love most about Athleta is what the brand has accomplished! I love that the models are all shapes and sizes, in a world of airbrushing and photoshop, it’s nice to see real people! I do really love the styles and fit of the clothing! The clothes are functional and cute, which is a win win in my book! I also love how everyone who I’ve met through working with Athleta has been so lovely!


Who’s been the most influential person in shaping who you are today?

Britt: The most influential person in shaping me into who I am today, would be my amazing mother. My mom is from Vietnam and didn’t grow up with the same opportunities I have available to me today. She has always encouraged me to accept myself for who I am, and not to let other people’s opinions of beauty, affect the way I view myself. She reminds me that my differences should be celebrated, not changed. She’s always told me looks are temporary, but beauty from within, coupled with knowledge and wisdom, are forever. I love you Mommy!

Chantae: Of course I credit my parents for who I am and who I am still becoming. They taught me my work ethic to achieve what I want. They helped me build my character and be independent. I love them!

Bailey: To be honest, there are three influential people in my life that have made me who I am today; they are my mom, my dad, and my sister. They have all inspired me to be the best I can be, I am forever thankful to all three of them 🙂

Meagan: I think my parents have been the two most influential people in shaping who I am today. I’ve always felt supported by them, but never pushed by them. It’s made it easy for me to follow my dreams and not worry about if it doesn’t work out. I really appreciate the fact that they believe in me and have let me choose my own path, as opposed to choosing one for me.


We hope you enjoyed getting to know these fabulous ladies! Connect with Britt, Chantae, Bailey, and Meagan on social, and for more behind the scenes from our Summer 2017 Photoshoot, click to read Behind the Scenes in Belize!

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