Spring Clean Your Way to Healthier Skin

In this post, Olivia Doyne, wellness guru and founder of Lipstick Meets Lavender, reveals steps you can take to refresh your skincare regimen with safe, non-toxic products.

When the weather gets warmer, we tend to think about making healthier choices and those choices are often related to food.

As a foodie myself, I feel like I’m in a constant tug-of-war between eating clean and indulging in my love for cheese and chocolate!

But have you ever stopped to think about what you’re putting on your body instead of just what you’re putting in your body?

It might surprise you to learn the average woman uses 12 personal care products per day (I easily surpass this at a whopping 17 products on days when I wash my hair and when I put on my “face”)! What’s even more surprising is it only take 26 seconds for the ingredients in those products to reach your bloodstream. While I’m certainly not an expert, I do know that skin is our largest organ. I believe what we’re using on our bodies is a contributing factor to the current cancer rate of 1 in 3 women.

Aside from our liberal use of beauty products, there’s a larger issue at hand: a dangerous lack of regulation. Unfortunately, the legislation that currently “regulates” our personal care industry is from 1938. Because of our outdated laws, the U.S. only bans 30 chemicals from being put in our personal care products, whereas Europe bans 1,400! Plus, the FDA allows companies to use ingredients that are known to be extremely harmful to adults and children.

While the state of the industry is certainly disturbing, awareness is the first step toward creating a safer beauty regime. Here are three easy ways to become an empowered consumer and start spring-cleaning your vanity:

1| Introduce yourself to the Environmental Working Group.

The EWG is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment. As part of its services, the EWG offers a database called Skin Deep that includes toxicity ratings for more than 65,000 personal care products. Every product is given a hazard score and you want to ensure your products have the lowest score possible and fall squarely in the ‘green’ zone.

2| Start researching your personal care products and make a wish list.

Just as with anything in life, the path to better beauty is a journey that can be taken in stages. My recommendation is to make a running list of your products that fall into Skin Deep’s ‘yellow’ and ‘red’ zones and then replace those products in order of importance. In my house, I started by switching out my family’s shampoo, conditioner and body lotion, as well as some of my foundational makeup including mascara, tinted moisturizer and lip gloss.

3| Find clean brands that work for you.

Over the years, my vanity has been home to a revolving door of products, some of which, were actually clean before I was really in-tune with the lack of industry regulation. However, some of those clean products fell short on performance while others were too expensive to use long-term. When I came across my brand of choice, Beautycounter, it checked off all of my needs: performance, price point and simplicity. Instead of having to research individual products and then buy from various brands, Beautycounter became my one-stop solution for all my skin care and makeup needs. Additionally, I was drawn to the brand’s mission to get safer beauty products into the hands of everyone and their ongoing work on Capitol Hill.

As you begin to let go of the dirty and welcome in the clean, here are a few of my favorite springtime essentials to explore, including the Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20; the Protect All Over Sunscreen which blends in seamlessly without leaving any white streaks; the Brightening + Vitamin C or Balancing + Charcoal mask both of which provide a deep clean while revitalizing the skin and the lip gloss in peony.

Photos by Jennifer Pref-Derg of Plain Jane Photography.

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