How to Stay Healthy and Fit While Traveling

With travel season in full gear, we turned to yoga teacher & travel blogger Alex Carson for some tips on how you can enjoy your adventures to the fullest, without sacrificing your health and fitness goals.

Staying healthy and fit while traveling is not always easy, and is something I get asked about often.

Of course, indulgence is a part of travel… one of the best parts if you ask me! It’s common to let go of your health and fitness regimen when you travel. Here are my favorite tips to help you stay in great shape and still enjoy your travels to the fullest. 

Explore the city by foot

There is no better way to learn a new city than by walking its streets. You get to see the historic centers and local neighborhoods alike all while learning the city and getting your steps in. Get outside and start exploring, you never know what you might discover.

Opt for the healthier option

No matter where you travel, there will probably be temptations to indulge in. Italy for example, is well known for being the pizza and pasta capital of the world. Yes, those are some delicious Italian staples, but don’t forget that there are always a ton of healthy options as well. Whether you’re in the heart of Tuscany, or enjoying island life somewhere, there are always some sort of healthy options available. Opt for fresh fruit and vegetables, and stick to lean proteins like fish or chicken if you eat meat.

Take a hike

Hiking outdoors and connecting with nature is always a great way to experience the destination you’re visiting. There’s nothing better than getting a little fresh air and new perspective of the place you’re exploring. If you’re in a location that has no mountains or hills nearby, try to rent a bike or kayak.

Cook your own meals

One of my favorite thing to do is explore the local markets in a new town. If you’re renting an apartment or your accommodation offers a kitchen, venture to the local grocery store or farmers market and pick up some fresh produce to make yourself a delicious meal, local style. 
I love having a private kitchen when I travel. Not only does this enable you to eat healthier, it gives you the opportunity to feel like a local and interact with locals at the markets.

Practice yoga

Yoga is my all-time favorite thing to bring with me on my travels. You can practice anywhere, with or without a mat, no gym required. It’s also so much fun to find local yoga studios and take classes, even if they don’t speak the same language! I’ve taken numerous yoga classes in languages I don’t understand, but that is the beauty of yoga –  it’s a language in itself. Keep your body and mind in shape while deepening your practice on the road. 


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