How To Get More Support For Your Favorite Cause

The Power of She invites women and girls to join forces for the good of the sisterhood. Alone we are strong, united we thrive. The women at Every Mother Counts use the Power of Community to bring skilled healthcare to moms around the world. Hear their tips for getting others involved in a cause you care about.


Since 2012, Every Mother Counts, an organization focused on making pregnancy and childbirth safe for all moms, has provided $2.97 million in grants, and has directly and significantly impacted over 400,000 lives. In 2015, EMC invested almost $1.4 million in 12 programs in 8 countries.

There are many ways to get involved with EMC, whether it’s donating, running to raise funds, shopping EMC products, or simply spreading the word. And there’s a ton of great causes out there. We asked Clancy, EMC’s Director of Special Projects & Production for tips on how someone can get support for their own projects, big and small.

Q: Volunteers/Ambassadors are a huge part of your organization. How do you make it easy for people to donate their time?

We have a great Running Program that Kristen helped create, with ambassadors throughout the country hosting local races. You can sign up online for any of our races, or contact us through our website for other volunteer opportunities.


Q: People love seeing the impact of their donation. How do you help benefactors see that every little bit helps?

We continue to share stories and provide updates from our grantees on the ground, through film, photo essays, our newsletter, and our blog and social media (Twitter / Facebook). We also create an annual Impact Report that highlights all of the progress that was made possible with your contributions.


Q: An aspect of EMC that works really well is the team, or community you’ve created, especially through running. How can other people create a similar “we’re all in this together” attitude?

I believe that this all begin on a grassroots level. It takes friends and likeminded people getting together, forming community gatherings, and then making enough noise to be heard and connected with similar gatherings all over the place. Knowing there are likeminded people and support groups all over is great motivation to continue doing your own work. It has to be collaborative, and feel supported, and have positive energy.


Want to get involved? Clancy says 89 cents of every dollar raised by Every Mother Counts goes straight into their programs. You can donate directly through the website, purchase a product with proceeds supporting EMC’s work, or run to raise money and awareness.

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