3 Lessons Every Woman Can Learn From Girls On The Run

We caught up with Francine, a Girls on the Run volunteer coach, to learn more about how the organization has impacted her.

One of my best decisions I’ve ever made was signing up to become a volunteer Girls on the Run (GOTR) coach.

GOTR - Group Star Power

Girls on the Run empowers young girls and women to be their unique selves, set goals, be confident, and so much more. Although the program focuses on running, the weekly lessons encourage participants and coaches to recognize their ‘Star Power’, build connections, and develop healthy habits. I’ve been a coach for the past 2 years; in that time, I’ve had the opportunity to teach (and learn) valuable life lessons from a group of amazing girls and inspiring coaches. Here are 3 empowering GOTR lessons I’ve particularly identified with and benefited from:

1] Activate Your ‘Star Power’
Visualize a sky full of stars. When you’re ready, focus on and choose one of the stars. The star you chose represents your one-of-a kind “Star Power.” It gets brighter and stronger when you make positive choices. While moments of negative “self-talk” or setbacks diminish your star’s brightness. The girls participate in a similar visualization exercise. Some examples of their “Star Power” include excelling in school, being great athletes, and being thoughtful friends; their negative “self-talk” may center around “feeling stressed about a test” or disagreeing with a friend. During the discussion, we talk through many ways their brightness may be diminished, but we encouraged the girls to list 3 ways to activate their “Star Power.”

This lesson always resonates with me. When I lose track of my “Star Power” or have a setback, I find ways to activate it like focusing on 1-3 positive things about myself or something positive someone has done for me.

GOTR - Becoming A Girl on the Run

2] Build Connections from Commonalities

We start the Fall GOTR season with a game called “Just Like Me”. The girls and coaches stand in a circle and the coaches’ call out a list of statements – such as “I have brown eyes,” “I like brownies,” etc. Once the girls and coaches hear a statement that applies to them, we state, “Just like me!” and switch places with someone in the circle. For several statements, coaches and girls trade places and when a statement doesn’t apply, the girls and coaches say another fact about themselves.

The first time I completed this lesson, I was surprised by what we learned in just 20 minutes. The statements in the game are simple, but I believe the girls learned the importance of using their commonalities to build connections. I use a similar approach when meeting and getting to know people or want to strengthen existing relationships.

GOTR - Getting To Know Each Other

3] Find Your Balance

Throughout the season, we stress the importance of balance. During a warm-up game, we look at five different areas that each impact the girls physical and mental health:

1) Foods they eat
2) Things they learn
3) Activities they participate in
4) People in their lives
5) Emotions they feel

We set up cones to represent each area and the girls have 1 minute in each area to list as many examples as they can. Not surprisingly, some girls don’t have time to list more than two items in each area and comment on how “unbalanced” there list is.

Many women (including myself) can relate to the lack of time and being pulled in multiple directions. Each day we make choices that may leave certain areas unbalanced. One example I struggle with is balancing working hard and resting. From this lesson, I have learned to focus on each area individually instead of all at once enabling me to find balance. I make a list of tasks and circle the highest priority, and highlight those that can be completed by someone else.

GOTR - Star Power Moments

The connections and lessons I’ve learned at GOTR have truly made me a stronger, healthier woman and I believe these can impact you in a similar way.

Try it out! Implement these 3 lessons in your daily life and let me know what you find.

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Leah Yarbrough

September 30, 2016 at 7:06 pm

AWESOME!! I, too am a GOTR coach..This is such an awesome program and think Athleta made such a smart move in sponsoring GOTR! It is def a win-win!! I have learned so much from these lessons and am priud to have the honor to teach them

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