Try These 6 Partner Exercises For Double The Workout Fun

As one of New York City’s top fitness trainers, (and our Summer 2016 Model-Athlete!) Shanna Farrar knows how to keep her clients motivated. According to Shanna, you don’t need a trainer to make sure you stay on top of your workout routine… you just need a buddy! She shared a few of her favorite partner exercises with us.

When it comes to working out, we know there are strength in numbers.

Here are a few partner exercises for you a buddy to try out:


Partner #1 stands still with arms locked straight out at shoulder height, holding one end of a resistance band. Partner #2 holds the other end of the band and faces the same direction far enough away that there is some tension on the band. Partner #2 locks her arms straight in front of her at shoulder height as well and rotates outward, then returns back to start position. Repeat this exercise 15x each and then work the other side by turning to face the opposite direction. This exercise works core stabilizer muscles. Beginners can bend elbows a bit until you work up to straight arms.


Both partners sit facing each other with legs straight out in front. Sit close enough so your feet are next to your partner’s knees. Lean back slightly and support yourself with your hands. Both partners raise legs while keeping feet together, and make circles in the air around your partner’s legs as she is doing the same. Try 15 circles to the right, then 15 to the left. Beginners can start with knees more bent to take some of the emphasis off your abs.


This is a great exercise for the core as well as upper body. Partners stand a few feet away from each other facing opposite directions. Hold an exercise ball or medicine ball (for more challenge) and rotate your upper body away from your partner while guiding the ball to the outside of your hip. Gain momentum as you rotate your core toward your partner and then toss her the ball.


Partner #1 takes a lunge position with elbows locked at 90 degrees by her rib cage. She then places the ends of two different resistance bands in each hand. Partner #2 takes the other ends of the bands and stands in a lunge position in front of Partner #1, far enough away to cause tension in the bands. She should be facing away, so that both partners are looking the same direction. Partner #2 holds her elbows out shoulder height, palms facing the floor and then presses her arms out straight in front of her 15x. Both partners will switch the front leg on the lunge and repeat the set. Beginners can skip the lunge position and stand with feet staggered instead.


Partner #1 starts in a sit-up position as Partner #2 faces her and places her hands on Partner #1’s knees. Partner #1 begins ab crunches as Partner #2 does Mountain Climbers, hopping each knee to her elbow for a cardio move. For a more challenging variation, add burpees. Partner #2 starts in a pushup position with hands on Partner #1’s knees. She then jumps her feet to the outside of her partner’s feet, stands up, and repeats. Beginners can try this move with Partner #2 in a stationary push-up position with her hands on her partner’s knees. If this is comfortable, Partner #2 can advance the move by taking her right knee in toward her right elbow and then left knee in toward her left elbow.

What are you waiting for? Call up a friend and get sweatin’!

Many thanks to Blake Cortes for the videos. Find him on Instagram here.


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