Yoga & Sisterhood: Partner Yoga with Your Best Friend

Yoga has the power to connect. It connects you to your mind, body, spirit, and sometimes… your best friend.

Working out with a friend is an incredible motivator, plus it’s an exciting way to bond. Partner yoga in particular is equal parts challenging and invigorating. Pushing past your boundaries, you are tested to trust your partner and in return, you are gifted with sisterhood.

In honor of National Friendship Day, we decided to meet up in one of our favorite spots in Brooklyn for a fun partner yoga sesh. For those of you who are new to partner yoga, it can certainly seem intimidating at first. Here are some of our tips and tricks for getting your sweat on, staying safe, and having fun!


Getting connected and comfortable with one another is a vital part of any partner yoga practice. We recommend beginning in a simple seated position, while allowing yourself to physically sync up with your partner – whether that be through touching palms, elbows, knees, or toes. Just find a way to get connected.



Once you are settled in your space together, start synchronizing your breath. Float the eyes closed, take a deep inhale through the nose and slowly let go of the breath. Release any tension you might be holding onto.


The core values of yoga encompass finding balance within yourself as well as within your practice. In partner yoga, getting balanced takes on a whole new meaning. No longer are you simply focused on yourself, but instead, you are aligned with one another and moving as a collective. This requires open communication, while also staying mindful of how the other is feeling in each pose.




It’s exciting to try new things that may be outside of your comfort zone. Don’t worry about how the pose looks, or if you don’t get it right the first, second or tenth time. That’s all the fun! Falling over and laughing with your bestie is what makes partner yoga so rewarding.


No matter what, you must trust your own abilities and trust that your partner has your back (literally). You’ll be surprised at what your bodies are capable of creating. Playing off of each other’s strengths will not only deepen your practice, but it will allow you to get into poses that you may not have dreamt were possible.



When you’re upside down and head first or when your butt is literally in your partner’s face, your comfort level reaches new heights. You learn to trust each other when you are physically vulnerable, and this makes it easier to rely on each other when you are emotionally vulnerable. By letting your partner in and trusting that they are supporting you, your bond will be stronger than ever.


Keep in mind that we all have limitations, and that’s totally okay. Just let your partner know if something doesn’t feel right or if you’d prefer to try something else. Listen to your body, so you don’t risk hurting your partner or yourself in the process. We recommend always warming up beforehand, especially before trying more advanced poses. If this is your first time attempting partner yoga, you can ask another friend to join in and spot you.





Remember, yoga is a never-ending journey – and how incredible is that journey when you have someone else along for the ride? Don’t take yourself too seriously, live in the moment, and embrace the imperfections. We hope you all have the best time playing, bonding and connecting with your bestie!

With love,
Mel + Jules

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