Meet the Competitor: Dani Halverson

Each week this month, we’re featuring one extraordinary woman who motivates her community as she lives out her life adventures.

This week, we [tried to] catch up with competitor Dani Halverson, an Indoor National High-Jump Champion, mentor, and mother, to get some of that tried-and-true workout wisdom.

Q: What is your biggest athletic achievement to date?

A: I have a few, but two stand out in my mind–

  1. Winning the open High Jump my junior year in college at Indoor Nationals.
  2. Placing 8th at USA National Championships in the Heptathlon (seven track events), plus making the US team that traveled to Amsterdam where I placed 4th!

Q: What is the biggest thing you’ve ever learned from sports?

A: That everything is mental. I learned how strong my mind is. It can push you through anything, or take you out of everything. Finding balance and control is key. Training for a sport, especially in multiple events like the Heptathlon, pushes your body beyond where your mind thinks you’re capable of going. I think growth happens at that point when your body and your mind fight, and you have to push for that one last lap, throw, jump, or whatever hurdle you’re headed towards.

“This is what life is about. Believing in ourselves, our gifts, our strengths, and even our weaknesses; accepting these, and knowing how to strive to be our best selves, even when you can’t go anymore.

I feel that the intense training of not only my body, but my mind, has shaped me. Without that amazing life experience of being a competitive athlete, I feel wouldn’t be as prepared mentally for my role as a friend, daughter, sister, wife, and now mommy!

Q: How do your friends/family/coaches/mentors inspire you? How do you help each other go for your goals?

A: We set goals, check up on each other, and are always positive. No matter the outcome, we ALWAYS are positive and excited about little achievements.

“It’s easier with a buddy or someone waiting for you to show up. I always do my best when I have my friend or coach waiting for me at the track. Then I have to show up!”

Also, my sister and I live far away from each other, and we’re both parents now, so it’s a lot harder to check up on each other. We’ve made sure to set a goal that when we visit each other in July, we will have hit our personal goals of mileage each week.

Q: Can you describe a typical day in your life?

I get up 6:30am [or try] so I can have a cup of coffee before my 18-month old son wakes up! Then we have breakfast and play outside, or go to the beach with our dog. I do a lot of playing with sticks and rocks these days!

Then while he naps midday, I usually clean the house and catch up on work, emails, or phone calls. When he wakes up, there’s about an hour or so before Dad comes home, so we’ll have a snack and lately I’ve been making our own Acai bowls — yum!

When Dad gets home, it’s my time to go on a run. I usually run on my own, but my favorite time is when the boys are on their bikes riding next to me while I run – especially on the bluff trail in Montaña de Oro. ??

Dani’s go-to run capri is the sleek & wicking Disco Geo Sonar, because of its flattering compressive fit. She loves the supportive feeling and perfect amount of stretch when hitting the trail.

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Meghan L

July 29, 2016 at 10:23 am

Are you still modeling? You were in the catalogues a couple years ago but I haven’t seen you lately.

Of course, with a toddler in the picture there’s probably a lot of things you don’t have much time for! 🙂

Jen Zatta

August 01, 2016 at 6:14 pm

Hi my daughter is a high jumper also. She is going to The University of Michigan this fall and will be on the track team. Her PR has been a consistent 5’6 all year and placed 6 th at Division 1 states this year. What advice would you give her to increase her height? Please look her up on FB.

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