Meet the Wellness Guru: Alex Knight

Each week this month, we’re featuring one extraordinary woman who motivates her community as she lives out her life adventures.

To kick off our month of muses, we asked jet-setter, model, and business owner, Alex Knight, to dish on her wellness secrets and her dialed-in daily routine.


Q: How did you get interested in health and wellness?

A: Health and wellbeing has been ingrained in me from childhood. My parents placed fundamental importance in self-health and living with a healthy mindset. At school I was the child that never took off her sneakers! This notion to my life really kicked up a gear when I started competing for my state in Track.

“My coach and track family instilled in me that training is only one side to furthering success. The whole package of health internally and externally is what really amplifies your being.”

Q: What is your favorite healthy meal to cook for a dinner party?

A: I love to share my nutrition knowledge with friends all the time. I eat plant-based, so when you come to my dinner party, you are making friends with salad!! A book I turned to for inspiration recipes is Ottolenghi Plenty. If you are ever in London, try the Ottolenghi restaurant, hands down delicious. I often make a soba noodle mango salad, which is a crowd favorite!

Q: Who are the most inspirational friends you have and why?

A: My girlfriend Julie. Less than a year ago, she decided to invest more time in her health by incorporating consistent workouts. I commenced training her. In the beginning, sessions were only 30 minutes long and Julie didn’t even know what a crunch was!

“Today, we’re smashing out treadmill sprints and dominating box jumps. I’m so proud of her commitment to herself and the spirit to just give it a go.”

Q: What is your favorite NYC outing with friends?

A: There’s always so much going on in NY, so taking the time to do something off the grid and out of your routine is always a favorite. Nothing beats a summers bike ride up the west side highway, to Central park for a picnic, and an afternoon of just hanging out.


Q: What does a typical day in the life of Alex Knight look like?

A: Its dynamic!

Rising at 6:15 to respond to the overnight family whatsapp messages [free international texting] and urgent emails. I always get my glass of water with green powder in before getting into gym clothes and leaving the house. Either I’m attending a class or doing my own workout from 7-8 a.m.

“My workouts involve cardio, self weight, resistance bands, Pilates and dynamic stretching.”

Breakfast is my jam! So, I enjoy it at home, if I don’t have a morning meeting. This is often a smoothie combo. I regularly play around with recipes that inspire me for Bluestone Lane Café.

If I’m not on set and at home, emails are till mid morning before checking in with a visit to a various Bluestone cafe before noon. This means I get my Americano while working!

It’s a luxury to be able to have lunch at home as I travel so much. So I will often do this and read a health-based article I’ve archived. It’s just about my only chill-time, otherwise I don’t get to learn enough in my day!

Throughout the afternoon I do various meetings, training of clients or computer work.
From 4.15- 5 p.m., I do a little yoga/meditation or chat to Mum in Australia. Keeping close to family is important for my mental health.

Before dinner, I’m training clients. Then, I cook dinner for my husband. Over dinner we download on our day chatting over it all. No phones. It’s our work-life balance rule. Only music for dinner – He is the resident DJ!

If we’re not at home, we’re hitting up something fabulous in NY, as we never get tired of NY and its never-ending energy!


Alex’s cafe in the West Village serves as a community hub for friends and neighbors to meet up, get inspired, and enjoy authentic Australian food and coffee. For her life that goes from popping into the cafe to training clients, her favorite Fall essential is the Drifter Tight, because of its versatile design, flattering lines and great pockets.

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