The Power Of She

The Power of She: Meet 4 Extraordinary Women

July 28, 2016

The Power of She: 4 Extraordinary Women Share Their Story

These crush-worthy women are shaking up the fitness and wellness worlds.

Women inspire each other in so many ways. The lifestyles they embody, and the ways they encourage their sisterhood of women to achieve their goals. This season, we’re featuring four extraordinary women who motivate their communities as they live out their adventures.

Meet Alex Knight: The Wellness Guru


Alex lives a life well-balanced. We love her blog, where this Aussie model/Bluestone Lane Cafe owner shares loads of wellness expertise, healthy recipes, and pilates moves.

Meet Dani Halverson: The Competitor


Dani’s philosophy on training has us focused on our minds as much as our bodies. This uber-athlete has been competing at high-level track meets since she was in high school. These days she stays in shape by training with a partner and motivating her sister (also a new mother). They set goals together, check up on each other, and help each other stay positive.

Meet Sarah Villafranco: The Adventurer

The journey of this mother and athlete is stoking the bravery in all of us. Sarah took a leap of faith in leaving her former life as an ER doctor to found her own natural cosmetics company. She believes it’s all about enjoying the sensations of life.

Meet Koya Webb: The Master

We’re loving the way this “Transformational Specialist” approaches health and happiness. She’s a holistic health coach and certified Acroyoga instructor (acrobatics + yoga + healing arts), not to mention the author of a book that’s revolutionizing raw/vegan cuisine.

Now tell us… who inspires you?

We want to know how you lift each other up! This August, we will be picking a group of friends who inspire one another and make one another stronger, and sending them on a dream getaway adventure. More details to come!

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