Sweat Series Episode IV [The 5 Minute Muscle-Sculpter]

Our Latest On-Point Workout.

True life: Some days the work-life ratio doesn’t feel all that balanced. Sweat Series workouts, from our partnership with Well+Good get us focused quick, so we can get back on track. Each episode is designed to get your heart pounding, no matter how your day’s going.

This week’s workout is from ChaiseFitness—New York City’s Pilates chair-hybrid workout. These core-challenging, muscle-burning sequences are designed to be the ultimate do-anywhere workout. All you need are five minutes, and a dining room or office chair.

Created by mom-and-daughter duo Lauren and Rachel Piskin, ChaiseFitness focuses on giving you toned arms and lean legs using dance-inspired strengthening exercises. It’s a grace + grit combo for serious results.

Rachel, Lauren’s daughter, began training as a ballerina as a young girl—and eventually joined the New York City Ballet as a teen. After an injury sidelined her career, she found her way back to health through fitness. Eventually, the super-athletic mom-daughter duo opened ChaiseFitness, whose classes combine pilates, ballet, and cardio at four locations in Manhattan (and one coming soon to Madison, NJ).

“It’s not always the hardest and most complicated workout that’s going to change your body the most.”

Lauren, a former professional figure skater, explains:

“Dancers are a prime example–they think about strengthening, lengthening, and perfecting their posture—but are some of the strongest athletes out there.”

If you’re ready for more, check out the rest of our butt-kicking Sweat Series workouts here.

Ready for more? Check out our first and second Sweat Series episodes, and stay tuned for more anytime, anywhere workouts in collaboration with Well+Good coming soon!

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