[Every Day is] Take Your Dog to Work Day at Athleta

Every Day is “Take Your Dog To Work Day” at Athleta!

We believe in teamwork and a life in motion, and for many of us, dogs complete our active lifestyle. Walk through our doors in Sonoma County and you’ll see our four-legged friends close by, whether we’re working at our desks or stretching our legs outside.

Plus, there are countless benefits of having dogs in the office:

  • Dogs are great conversation-starters. New puppy in the office? Everyone gather around!
  • Walking has been shown to boost creativity. And, dogs make great walking partners. They need movement as much as we do!
  • Speaking of walking – dogs keep us active, which in turn lowers blood pressure and cortisol (a no-good, stress-inducing hormone).
  • People are more productive when they’re happy. Belly rubs = immediate mood-boosting results.

Meet a few of our dog-loving employees and their four-legged friends.

Jackie Judge, Senior Copywriter, with sidekick Eva

Age and breed?

Eva is an athletic, half German Shorthaired Pointer, half Lab. She’s 6 but acts like she’s 2.


Two words describing your dog’s personality:

My husband and I call her the schnoob, the doob, the schnoobie doob (we’re a little obsessed). Mostly she’s just the wise and sagely one!


Your favorite thing about bringing your dog to work:

I love being able to take her for a run during lunch—sometimes she even joins our outdoor bootcamp class—but mostly, I love how she cheers me up with a cuddle or play session whenever I’m feeling stressed out.

Read more from Jackie: 10 Signs You’re a Runner
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Liz Tausend, Assistant Brand Marketing Manager, with sidekick Gus

Age and breed?

Gus is a 5 year old Labradoodle.


Two words describing your dog’s personality:

Funny and opinionated.


Your favorite thing about bringing your dog to work:

Having a reason to get outside every day! It’s so funny watching him chase the lizards around the building, and he’s so excited to be at the office.

Rachel Pederson, Retail Marketing Art Director, with sidekick Bode

Age and breed?

Bode is a 10 week old Labrador puppy!


2 words describing your dog’s personality:

Playful, cuddly.


Your favorite thing about bringing your dog to work:

Bode helps me not take things so seriously. I love watching him sleep and love taking him out for breaks in the day!

Aleena Abrahamian, Interim Director of Social Marketing, with sidekick Harley

Age and breed?

Harley is a 6 year old Goldendoodle.


Three words describing your dog’s personality:

Bad-Ass Cuddler.

Your favorite thing about bringing your dog to work:

She cheers up so many people who stop by during the day. Having a dog starts conversations with people you may not know!

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At the end of the day, our dogs teach us about patience and selflessness. They love us unconditionally, no matter what each day throws our way. And, since we love a good challenge, we work every day to be the kind of people our dogs believe we are. ??

How does your dog uplift your life? Leave a comment below.

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